Friday, December 9, 2011

Mini Haul

So these are just a couple things I picked up in the mall. I thought I would share what I got! I have tried them all out, and so far I am loving them all.

$3.99 -Teal-y Fast from Sally Hansen:

I picked this up at a nail polish sale, (which was pretty awesome) I love the colour it has a glittery blue green tint that I am in love with I put this on as soon as I got home!

$3.99 -Frenzy From Sinful Colours :

I love the crazy purple and blue glitter, I think it's playful and fun and I am also excited to wear it out for New Years!

$55.00 -Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Porcelain:

This is suppose to be really good for make sure the face doesn't get oily while at the same time making sure it isn't dry either. I bought this a while ago but I have just started to use it. So far I like it, however it will have to really impress me in order to warranty it's heavy price tag!

So that's everything I got right now. I am hoping my Glymm or Luxe box ( which are my subscribe to boxes that send 4-5 beauty samples in it) have nail polishes in it.
I am a little currently wanting a white nail polish! :D

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nerdy Nail Polish

Okay, so I found this etsy shop that sells nerdy nail polishes, I think it's pretty safe to say I am in love. My favorite colours would have to be :

Cold and Calculating:

I love the pretty purple in it!

Event Horizon:

I absolutely love this colour. I don't know if it's a Stargate reference or not, but either way I am going to pretend it is. :D

Oi, Spaceman collection:

Mad Man with a Box set:

Okay, I really love the names of these ones! All the nail polish are very pretty but how could you possibly go wrong with Doctor Who named nail polish? You can't is the correct answer.

All the nail polishes found here:
Shop : Esty:

Friday, December 2, 2011


I've entered another contest I have to say I am really enjoying all of them:


for :

1) I still have no idea what a GFC is, how to link to a blogroll or do any of that other cool stuff. I've had to look it all up and hope I got it right! On the same note my twitter looks like an ad campaign.

2) It really doesn't matter what there is to win, I just want to win something. Seriously, it could be one nail polish and I would be super excited, the idea of winning something no matter how small or large is overwhelming!

3) I really want to do a contest, however this blog isn't very well known, so that really wouldn't be fair, but we'll see maybe someday in the future!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My current favorite blogs

So these are a few of my favorite blogs, some of these are more well known then others but I think they are all pretty fabulous! In no order


This blog is so great for somebody who isn't very tall like myself! I think it's really cute and I love her fashion sense, not to mention the pretty pictures!


I think this blog is so very interesting I love the answering questions about fashion, the in depth reviews of different brands, and just tons of knowledge about what she's talking about! Oh, and shoes, all the shoes!


This is actually my best friend's blog about make up and I have to say she's doing a great job I think it's very interesting I love her reviews on a lot of different product though especially the Gylmm boxes!


This is actually really different blog! Which is why I like it, it's street fashion but about older people! It's really interesting I mean all these older fashionable ladies who all have their own unique style, I love it.


This is about celeb fashion it's always updated the commentary is witty and the pictures are always either beautiful, stunning, or just plain crazy.

New blog I just started to watch :
I just started to watch this, but it's pretty and I like her fashion sense so far.

Of course I am always looking for more fashion & make up blogs, especially make up I only follow two make up blogs and I'd love to follow more!

Monday, November 21, 2011

What I believe is important for a fashion blog

I have been reading a lot of fashion blogs lately (my current following is about 20 fashion blogs I follow.) I have decided the best way to make a fashion blog successful is a couple of things.

1) Be on trend
Fashion is about trends, trends come and go sometimes within months, a lot of times by the time you hear of a trend it's already dying. That's why being on time is useful for something as ever changing as fashion, good blogs are the ones that can point out the new trends and show their viewers how to pull off the new look. Blogs are also a great way to spread the news of new lines, new collaborations or generally what is going on in the fashion world, and as there are so many blogs somebody is bound to be talking about what you want to know.

2) Have lots to say
What I mean by this is you talk about a topic in more than one way. For example my best friend has a make up blog, she doesn't just talk about make up but she does tuturials of how to do her looks, does reviews, and shows off her new make up. With so much diversity there's always something new and interesting. The best fashion blogs I've seen usually talk about more than one thing, pictures of themselves in an outfit, reviews on fashion runways, fashion photos, new line information, contests, etc. This makes the blog a surprise and a delight to see updated.

3) Time
If you want to make a well known blog then it's going to take time. You have to think of things to talk about, to take pictures or to research trends, or pick out an outfit, or do whatever it is that you are going to do for your new blog post. All of these things are going to take time to do, if you want them done well. As most well known blogs post at least very often this can equal to a lot of work, effort and time. This is why some people who don't want to put in that much time (like me) have blogs that are just for fun that aren't updated very often and a bit random with what's posted.

4) Thick Skin
So assuming you make a fashion blog and it gets really popular, it's trendy, it's funny, it has a lot to say and it gets updated all the time with lots of great stuff, and it's well known, well that's when the less fun people join the party. These are the people for whatever reason, maybe they dislike people being popular while their own blog goes unnoticed, maybe they hate fashion and think it's a waste of time, maybe they just like to annoy other people or even maybe it's a well meant criticism, somebody is going to say mean things. After all this time and hard work that was put into the blog, somebody is going to come in and anonymously be a jerk, and there's more or less nothing that can stop it. (Without going to drastic means and taking away commenting.) It's annoying and hurtful but it unfortunately and unfairly comes with being well known and writing publicly.

5) Random
However sometimes even after doing all these things I said a blog doesn't become famous, or a blog that seems to have no time spend at it at all is unbelievingly famous. A lot of these things comes down to dumb luck. Sometimes things become popular because that's life and that's how it rolls.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things I am in love with

Bird jewelry here's some pieces I am in love with :

Feather Earrings:

Crow Ring:

Blackbird braclet:

Owl Necklace:

Feather earring : unknown
Crow Necklace : Etsy from Moon Raven Designs
Blackbird necklace : Etsy fom HelloDIY
Owl necklace : Spring

Saturday, October 22, 2011


So, last Wednesday I went to Micheal Kors to go look at the purse I posted here a couple of days ago, but of course they had the rule that lots of big companies have "Canada? No, we don't sell this stuff in Canada, here's you're selection- and be happy with it!". Which was very disappointing, but that's alright because I found this great iphone holder bag.

Now, I want to talk to you about purses, I have about 4 bags I use a lot. I find before buying a new bag it's good to thing about where it will fit in your clothes (meaning, will you ever wear it?).

For example my bags go like this:
(Also, forgive all these pictures I look at the sites but a lot of them didn't have the exact purse)

1) Tan H&M bag:

This I use for work/school, I find that it's big enough for textbooks/binders and folders, it fit's a lot into it, plus it's in a neutral colour so that it doesn't stand out with proffesional clothes. Also it had a pocket on the inside that fits a notepad and a pen so I can take notes or receive numbers if need be.

2) Buddhas Eyes Purse:

Now, unfortunately I had a lot of trouble finding a picture for this one, the eyes are the same except that they are blue and it's on a brown shoulder bag. This bag is great if I feel like going with a lazy or "dressed down" look, it also is a fun bag that I can carry lots in as it's so deep.

3) Backpack:

Sorry for the bad image with watermarks all over it, but this is my exact backpack. As I am still a student, I find it's nice to actually have a real backpack to bring to school, I love this backpack, as I have decided that just because I have a backpack it doesn't have to be the boring black that everybody else is. Also, the birds are so cute!

4) Black Coach bag:

I really love this bag, it is such good quality and what more I love the fact it has both shoulder strap and a handbag strap so I can choose how I hold it, it is pretty big, but not big enough for work, so this is usually a bag I will take shopping, or when I am going out in the day. It also has a pocket that I can put my purse hook in it. (I love my purse hook, it's great for places like school, or outside that had a place to sit but not enough to put a purse!)

Bags I use sometimes:

5) Library book bag:

This is a bag I got from my mother, although it has a completely different colouring, while she was in the south in the USA, it is a cute and colour bag but is really hard to pair with a lot of my outfits, so my brilliant idea? Library bag! I go to the library all the time and I can use my colourful bag, plus I can keep my books in it when I am not at the library so they don't get lost.

6) Small black bag:

This bag I don't wear normal at all, the problem is that it's too small for me, I can fit my wallet and my cellphone if I am lucky, but it's too big to be a clutch, so it is in that sort of awkward size phase. I use it every now and again, if I feel that it will go, but I haven't used it in about 8 months.

7) The bag I want:

So, like I mentioned I was looking in Micheal Kors, and I spied this "ihpone wallet" this will go into my wardrobe because I don't really have a clutch, also I like the fact it's monogram as I really don't have anything that is, and I feel this has pulled it off in not a tacky way, (which is something I think monogram can sometimes do if it's not careful). So, these are my bags!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I love this bag, a lot, it's the most beautiful bag I've seen in forever! (not counting my Coach of course!) It's leather and deep red, Micheal Kors and for $298 it can be all yours! XP

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to dress like a professional, part one

For professional I believe on of the most important thing to think about is where are you going in it? Different places of course all call for different types of professional looks, the one I am talking about today is just a basic, everyday look, to use for say a job interview.

First, one of the main problems with dressing professionally is the cost of which such clothes cost, sure we would all love to dress in Chanel, or sport a Burberry trench but of course we can't so here's stores I've either shopped online at, or been to that I think have good selection for reasonable prices.

H+M: Good selection, pretty good prices, the downfall of these are that the quality isn't going to last you forever, but it's better than a lot of other stores, also, their top size is 12 and they fit a bit small, so if you're 10 or over it might be a bit of a disappointment.

Dynamite: I really do love this store, it appeals, to a target market of ~17-mid 30's the clothes are on style, good prices, pretty good quality, and the fit is pretty fair, however, I have found that they do not carry either shoes, bags, and a few accessories. Also at times their selection can be quite limited.

Jacob: This is aimed for a slightly older target market, and their prices reflect it! Their clothes are good quality, and have good life, but only if you have the money to make the original purchase. Overall if you feel the want to spurge they have very good professional clothing.

Banana Republic: This too is a bit on the pricey side, although they have something which none of the other stores have, a petite section, this makes it easier for shorter people, like myself, to find clothes that are well fitting, the selection are usually pretty good although it's a lot of basic pieces, and not too much in the way of anything more adventures, but for a job or job interview it's a great place to start! I have found the quality very good, but once again, the clothes there are not cheap.

So these are a couple of my favorite stores for this look,

That's all for now, in part two I will take about my favorite pieces to wear and what kind of bags to bring.