Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to dress like a professional, part one

For professional I believe on of the most important thing to think about is where are you going in it? Different places of course all call for different types of professional looks, the one I am talking about today is just a basic, everyday look, to use for say a job interview.

First, one of the main problems with dressing professionally is the cost of which such clothes cost, sure we would all love to dress in Chanel, or sport a Burberry trench but of course we can't so here's stores I've either shopped online at, or been to that I think have good selection for reasonable prices.

H+M: Good selection, pretty good prices, the downfall of these are that the quality isn't going to last you forever, but it's better than a lot of other stores, also, their top size is 12 and they fit a bit small, so if you're 10 or over it might be a bit of a disappointment.

Dynamite: I really do love this store, it appeals, to a target market of ~17-mid 30's the clothes are on style, good prices, pretty good quality, and the fit is pretty fair, however, I have found that they do not carry either shoes, bags, and a few accessories. Also at times their selection can be quite limited.

Jacob: This is aimed for a slightly older target market, and their prices reflect it! Their clothes are good quality, and have good life, but only if you have the money to make the original purchase. Overall if you feel the want to spurge they have very good professional clothing.

Banana Republic: This too is a bit on the pricey side, although they have something which none of the other stores have, a petite section, this makes it easier for shorter people, like myself, to find clothes that are well fitting, the selection are usually pretty good although it's a lot of basic pieces, and not too much in the way of anything more adventures, but for a job or job interview it's a great place to start! I have found the quality very good, but once again, the clothes there are not cheap.

So these are a couple of my favorite stores for this look,

That's all for now, in part two I will take about my favorite pieces to wear and what kind of bags to bring.

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