Saturday, October 22, 2011


So, last Wednesday I went to Micheal Kors to go look at the purse I posted here a couple of days ago, but of course they had the rule that lots of big companies have "Canada? No, we don't sell this stuff in Canada, here's you're selection- and be happy with it!". Which was very disappointing, but that's alright because I found this great iphone holder bag.

Now, I want to talk to you about purses, I have about 4 bags I use a lot. I find before buying a new bag it's good to thing about where it will fit in your clothes (meaning, will you ever wear it?).

For example my bags go like this:
(Also, forgive all these pictures I look at the sites but a lot of them didn't have the exact purse)

1) Tan H&M bag:

This I use for work/school, I find that it's big enough for textbooks/binders and folders, it fit's a lot into it, plus it's in a neutral colour so that it doesn't stand out with proffesional clothes. Also it had a pocket on the inside that fits a notepad and a pen so I can take notes or receive numbers if need be.

2) Buddhas Eyes Purse:

Now, unfortunately I had a lot of trouble finding a picture for this one, the eyes are the same except that they are blue and it's on a brown shoulder bag. This bag is great if I feel like going with a lazy or "dressed down" look, it also is a fun bag that I can carry lots in as it's so deep.

3) Backpack:

Sorry for the bad image with watermarks all over it, but this is my exact backpack. As I am still a student, I find it's nice to actually have a real backpack to bring to school, I love this backpack, as I have decided that just because I have a backpack it doesn't have to be the boring black that everybody else is. Also, the birds are so cute!

4) Black Coach bag:

I really love this bag, it is such good quality and what more I love the fact it has both shoulder strap and a handbag strap so I can choose how I hold it, it is pretty big, but not big enough for work, so this is usually a bag I will take shopping, or when I am going out in the day. It also has a pocket that I can put my purse hook in it. (I love my purse hook, it's great for places like school, or outside that had a place to sit but not enough to put a purse!)

Bags I use sometimes:

5) Library book bag:

This is a bag I got from my mother, although it has a completely different colouring, while she was in the south in the USA, it is a cute and colour bag but is really hard to pair with a lot of my outfits, so my brilliant idea? Library bag! I go to the library all the time and I can use my colourful bag, plus I can keep my books in it when I am not at the library so they don't get lost.

6) Small black bag:

This bag I don't wear normal at all, the problem is that it's too small for me, I can fit my wallet and my cellphone if I am lucky, but it's too big to be a clutch, so it is in that sort of awkward size phase. I use it every now and again, if I feel that it will go, but I haven't used it in about 8 months.

7) The bag I want:

So, like I mentioned I was looking in Micheal Kors, and I spied this "ihpone wallet" this will go into my wardrobe because I don't really have a clutch, also I like the fact it's monogram as I really don't have anything that is, and I feel this has pulled it off in not a tacky way, (which is something I think monogram can sometimes do if it's not careful). So, these are my bags!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I love this bag, a lot, it's the most beautiful bag I've seen in forever! (not counting my Coach of course!) It's leather and deep red, Micheal Kors and for $298 it can be all yours! XP