Saturday, October 22, 2011


So, last Wednesday I went to Micheal Kors to go look at the purse I posted here a couple of days ago, but of course they had the rule that lots of big companies have "Canada? No, we don't sell this stuff in Canada, here's you're selection- and be happy with it!". Which was very disappointing, but that's alright because I found this great iphone holder bag.

Now, I want to talk to you about purses, I have about 4 bags I use a lot. I find before buying a new bag it's good to thing about where it will fit in your clothes (meaning, will you ever wear it?).

For example my bags go like this:
(Also, forgive all these pictures I look at the sites but a lot of them didn't have the exact purse)

1) Tan H&M bag:

This I use for work/school, I find that it's big enough for textbooks/binders and folders, it fit's a lot into it, plus it's in a neutral colour so that it doesn't stand out with proffesional clothes. Also it had a pocket on the inside that fits a notepad and a pen so I can take notes or receive numbers if need be.

2) Buddhas Eyes Purse:

Now, unfortunately I had a lot of trouble finding a picture for this one, the eyes are the same except that they are blue and it's on a brown shoulder bag. This bag is great if I feel like going with a lazy or "dressed down" look, it also is a fun bag that I can carry lots in as it's so deep.

3) Backpack:

Sorry for the bad image with watermarks all over it, but this is my exact backpack. As I am still a student, I find it's nice to actually have a real backpack to bring to school, I love this backpack, as I have decided that just because I have a backpack it doesn't have to be the boring black that everybody else is. Also, the birds are so cute!

4) Black Coach bag:

I really love this bag, it is such good quality and what more I love the fact it has both shoulder strap and a handbag strap so I can choose how I hold it, it is pretty big, but not big enough for work, so this is usually a bag I will take shopping, or when I am going out in the day. It also has a pocket that I can put my purse hook in it. (I love my purse hook, it's great for places like school, or outside that had a place to sit but not enough to put a purse!)

Bags I use sometimes:

5) Library book bag:

This is a bag I got from my mother, although it has a completely different colouring, while she was in the south in the USA, it is a cute and colour bag but is really hard to pair with a lot of my outfits, so my brilliant idea? Library bag! I go to the library all the time and I can use my colourful bag, plus I can keep my books in it when I am not at the library so they don't get lost.

6) Small black bag:

This bag I don't wear normal at all, the problem is that it's too small for me, I can fit my wallet and my cellphone if I am lucky, but it's too big to be a clutch, so it is in that sort of awkward size phase. I use it every now and again, if I feel that it will go, but I haven't used it in about 8 months.

7) The bag I want:

So, like I mentioned I was looking in Micheal Kors, and I spied this "ihpone wallet" this will go into my wardrobe because I don't really have a clutch, also I like the fact it's monogram as I really don't have anything that is, and I feel this has pulled it off in not a tacky way, (which is something I think monogram can sometimes do if it's not careful). So, these are my bags!


  1. That budists eye bag is rad, cant say Ive ever seen that before!

  2. As boring and annoying as they can be, I agree that there's really no replacing an old-fashioned backpack for carrying all those heavy textbooks to class... unless you like massive shoulder cramps!

    Mine is cutesy and colourful like yours, but I'd really like to try to find one that's a little more mature (and maybe waterproof?).