Saturday, November 26, 2011

My current favorite blogs

So these are a few of my favorite blogs, some of these are more well known then others but I think they are all pretty fabulous! In no order


This blog is so great for somebody who isn't very tall like myself! I think it's really cute and I love her fashion sense, not to mention the pretty pictures!


I think this blog is so very interesting I love the answering questions about fashion, the in depth reviews of different brands, and just tons of knowledge about what she's talking about! Oh, and shoes, all the shoes!


This is actually my best friend's blog about make up and I have to say she's doing a great job I think it's very interesting I love her reviews on a lot of different product though especially the Gylmm boxes!


This is actually really different blog! Which is why I like it, it's street fashion but about older people! It's really interesting I mean all these older fashionable ladies who all have their own unique style, I love it.


This is about celeb fashion it's always updated the commentary is witty and the pictures are always either beautiful, stunning, or just plain crazy.

New blog I just started to watch :
I just started to watch this, but it's pretty and I like her fashion sense so far.

Of course I am always looking for more fashion & make up blogs, especially make up I only follow two make up blogs and I'd love to follow more!

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