Friday, December 2, 2011


I've entered another contest I have to say I am really enjoying all of them:


for :

1) I still have no idea what a GFC is, how to link to a blogroll or do any of that other cool stuff. I've had to look it all up and hope I got it right! On the same note my twitter looks like an ad campaign.

2) It really doesn't matter what there is to win, I just want to win something. Seriously, it could be one nail polish and I would be super excited, the idea of winning something no matter how small or large is overwhelming!

3) I really want to do a contest, however this blog isn't very well known, so that really wouldn't be fair, but we'll see maybe someday in the future!


  1. I kinda want to do a contest too! I think it would be a great way to earn some followers and readers, especially if you got people to tweet and blog your contest! I wish I had the money to do so...!

  2. Definably, I think you should, I think you should have a sephora favorite colour nail polish give away, so basically just a sephora nail polish in the colour the winner wants, they would just have to be a follower and tweet about it. It's cheap and yet I think it would still be fun to win!