Friday, December 9, 2011

Mini Haul

So these are just a couple things I picked up in the mall. I thought I would share what I got! I have tried them all out, and so far I am loving them all.

$3.99 -Teal-y Fast from Sally Hansen:

I picked this up at a nail polish sale, (which was pretty awesome) I love the colour it has a glittery blue green tint that I am in love with I put this on as soon as I got home!

$3.99 -Frenzy From Sinful Colours :

I love the crazy purple and blue glitter, I think it's playful and fun and I am also excited to wear it out for New Years!

$55.00 -Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Porcelain:

This is suppose to be really good for make sure the face doesn't get oily while at the same time making sure it isn't dry either. I bought this a while ago but I have just started to use it. So far I like it, however it will have to really impress me in order to warranty it's heavy price tag!

So that's everything I got right now. I am hoping my Glymm or Luxe box ( which are my subscribe to boxes that send 4-5 beauty samples in it) have nail polishes in it.
I am a little currently wanting a white nail polish! :D