Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas/Boxing Day Haul

Sorry I have been away for a while, I was at my grandparents who don't have the Internet for the hoildays, my Christmas and new years were great, happy 2012 everybody!

So I figure I might as well do an update of everything beauty/fashion related I got for Christmas!

1) My Micheal Kors Wristlet/Iphone holder:

This little thing I have been after since I first saw it in our Micheal Kors here, it is a bit on the expensive side ($80 for a wristlet) but I knew I had to have it when I saw it! My boyfriend ended up buying me it as my "big" present, I have since tried it out, it's amazing, my Guess wallet is kind of huge so it's hard to fit in small purses for say clubbing or going out, however with this I just grab my cards and phone and go. I love it.

2) Lululemon Headbands:

I love these as well, I am pretty excited to try them out actually work out and since they have the plastic nonslip bits I can wear these to school with my hair up and not have to worry out them fall out (as a lot of cloth headbands do to me)


Alright so these might not be the height of fashion, but you have got to love soft fluffy pjs to relax in!

4) Silver Earrings:

I am pretty pale with dark hair so silver hoops are my favorite to go to earrings as they show up well against my hair and I love hoops! My boyfriend got me a nice pair that won't wreak (read real silver and not $5 ones).

5) Makeup!
So my grandma went on like a make up spree and got me so many things, I ended up with three new nail polishes (Avon splendid blue, Lagoon, Crackle Black):


Splendid Blue:

The blues are so pretty, blue is my favorte colour nail polish, so I love have more, the Splendid is particularly beautiful, I put it on right away! The other nail polish the crackle that I have wanted since I first saw it, I can't wait to put it under red sparkle.

Next she got me a lip gloss Avon Iced Pink:

(my grandma loves Avon and I love make up) it's a soft pink, with a light shine I have tried it on a couple of times, it's light enough that it works well for a good natural look

Avon smooth minerals:

okay I fell in love with this, I was a bit worried it would be too dark as I couldn't see it in person (which is what happened with ELF powder) however it's perfect and I love how it adds just a little bit more coverage without being over done, it instantly went into my "use everyday" pile.

Avon sparkling warm rose lipstick:

as I haven't worn lipstick in a while, so this fun to play with. I haven't actually tried this out yet, but I am happy with the colour

Avon liquid eyeliner:

this is one I have been playing with a lot since I got it, because after 6 years of wearing pencil eyeliner I still suck at liquid! So this is my attempt to learn!

Avon eyeshadow in Pink Sands:

(I wear a lot of pink) now I love the colour of this one, however the tube (that's right tube) is a little bit difficult to use as the brush needs some tugging to get out and when you do, you are reward with a puff of eyeshadow going everywhere. Finally a traveling bag to put it all in! Overall go Grandma! Great presents, I love make up so all of these were such fun to get!

6) Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner:

This was from my friend Jeff, I have been using MAC engraved for a while now, and I have heard this is really good and I figure I should try it out and see if I like it, I have tried it so far and I really love it, although the price tag is a little crazy, hurrah for Christmas!

7) Green Corset:

This was from my friend David I love corsets I have a (small) collection of a dark pink underbust corset and a green training waist corset, of course they are both for fun ( I do not wear a corset everyday, I like breathing) however they are both beautiful!

Finally because of course I apparently don't have enough stuff my friends and family and I went shopping in the Boxing Day week and grabbed some nice pieces

1) American Eagle Jeans, Artistic style:

simple new jeans as my last pair has rips in the thighs and it was time to retire them, unfortunately they are way to long for me, I will have to get them hemmed however jean hemming is pretty easy so it's not very expensive.

While there I picked up a pink shirt with lace and buttons in the back.

2) I went to Forever 21 and found a cute little strawberry necklace for 1.50 so I needed it of course.

3) I will also break down and buy Nars Red Lizard soon with Christmas money, I am trying hold off for now.... it's so pretty!

So that brings me up to date with everything I got! What a great Christmas! And a great start to this year! Also my new year's resolution is to draw more, get better grades, and learn to teleport.