Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Ah! To be back to college, it's been a busy first week of the semester, but being the fashion lover I am I have made a list of things I loved in the first week and things I am not so crazy about!

Love list:

Wedge Pumps:

All Aldo Wedge Pumps

There is something to be said about a nice wedge, I think they are the perfect dressing up for school shoe, the reason why is that in a wedge usually a person can walk normally which is essentials for a school, because while fashion is great, if it isn't functional (as in you can't walk four flights of stairs with a backpack/ tote of books) then it really shouldn't be in school. I think wedges bring the best of both worlds, fashionable and classy, yet functional.

Long Sweaters: I love how long sweaters look, now being a fairly short person (5'1) wearing a "long" sweater is hard to do because so many sweaters are long anyways it is hard to strike the balance between long and looking a bit like I am playing dress up in my mum's clothes. However when they are done right, it looks so awesome, and warm!

Dark Nail Polish:

Zoya Nail Polish in Casey

This just might be my want for more dark nail polishes but I am loving darker colours.

Trench coats: I love trench coats and have been looking for one for a while now! I love how great they look, how pulled in and how professional it looks, plus it's a great layer tool!


Burbery Tote

Gucci Tote

Prada Tote

As well as a backpack I think this are great for holding things in, although they don't always work for fitting things nicely in I think when they do it's a pretty way to pull an outfit together. I have been enjoying the tan/brown ones, as you can clearly see from my examples!

Less Love:

-Fleece Vest with random company name on it.

- Super high heels in school

- Stained clothes

Also to note I have decided I am going to try to wear a different colour nail polish each week to school, I will see how long this last for, probably until the workload increases.

And finally, thanks to My Glittery Obession for reward me with the "Cute Blog Award" I am not really sure how to display it, but I will figure that out and answer the questions about it soon!

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