Saturday, June 23, 2012

Skin Care

So, this is more of a celebration blog update for me, because it involves my skin. I have always had poor skin, it was prone to break out, sometimes worst than others, but there would always be at least a couple of spots somewhere along the line. As you can imagine a lot of money went into skin care products as well as cover up. I've used a lot of different concealers with different varies of working. However after probably 6 years, I am sitting here with the best skin I've ever had and I like to think it's because of my skin rountine, although I can't be sure, however here it is anyways!


Step 1: I wash off my make up with Balea three in one cleaning cloths for all skin types

Step 2: I use my skin sonic cleaning brush and I put on Neutrogena's Deep cleaning facial normal to oily.

Step 3: I put on Body shop tea tree skin cleaning toner suitable for blemished skin on a cotton pad.

Step 4: Within the last couple of days I have been using the Vitamin & Sea's Perfect Skin Solution on a damp cloth that I got in my glymm bag.

Step 5: Then I put on Sephora's Instant moisturizer,

Step 6:  Finish up with Clean and Clear persa-gel 5 acne medication on any spots.

Every other to every 3rd day:

Step 1: Put on Clark's Botanical radiance mask or Freeman's feeling beautiful Clay avocado and Oatmeal mask.

 Before I was using masks from shoppers, although I now I am using Freeman's feeling Beautiful facial Clay mask avocado and Oatmeal, this is just a cheap mask, about three dollars from Walmart, but it seems to help, although I have to use moisturize as it dry my skin. The other one I have been using from my glymm bag is Clark's Botanical intense radiance mask. I like this one a lot, but the full size is expensive, so I probably will be looking for a cheaper alternative, I am thinking the tea tree mask from the Body shop.


Step 1:   Clean and Clear morning burst purifying facial scrub  gently exfoliates oxygen infusing formula.

I tried to use this daily at first, but it was too harsh for my face, and after a couple days of that my skin turned red and sore, so I stopped that but continued everything else and my skin was fine. So now I use this once a week, or once in two weeks just for something extra for my skin.

That's my current skin routine, I have been adoring it so far! Thanks for reading! 

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