Monday, July 2, 2012

Books to read for July

So if you have been paying attenation as of late, you will notice that this blog has went from fashion to beauty, I am going to expand this just a bit more to add books to the mix. I adore books and because my little blog isn`t well read, I might as well be.

So what am I going to be reading for July- and for the summer? I just finishing reading the works of John Green and quite enjoyed them, however after a while of YA novels I decided to go a different direction and read winners of the Hugo or Nebula awards. In other words science fiction. I finished ``The Old Man`s War`` about a week ago and I am about the start the ```Forever War``. Although not quite science fiction I have had 1Q84 on hold in the library for about a month now, and in the next two weeks I should finally actually have that book to read!

Other reads I am going to go through or want to get through in summer is a Shakespeare play, for a while I was reading a Shakespeare play a summer, which turned into reading a play in summer, however I really want to get back into the habit of reading Shakespeare, if only to finish off his more famous plays. I purchases a copy of Taming of the Schrew and parts that I read out of it were actually pretty funny, so I am hoping to give that a go again.

Finally the last thing I want to get around to is my Neil Gaiman, because I love his writing and I just bought a new book of his and I would like to read Neverwhere that my roommate gave to me and Good Omen which I bought a lot time ago only to prompt ignore.

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