Sunday, August 19, 2012

New things

So I have been out camping this week, and while my nails looks terrible I did get a couple of new things for them so soon they should be looking better than ever.

When the Hunger Games nail polish first came out I was really impressed with the colours, I ended up getting four colours right away, and then two more the following week. My mother also bought me the second book as well as two more colours of the collection, so now I have a grand total of eight colours of the collection, which is probably the most I've had of any collection!

I also got a crystal nail file we went in town and they were having a bunch of stands selling thing type of thing, and in one of these stands were the nail files, I've been looking for these but they seem to cost around 9-12$ which seems a bit much, but for three dollars, I am pretty pleased!

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