Friday, March 22, 2013

Things I would like to buy

So I have been keeping this list on my computer sidebar note thing, and it has become so long that I cannot look at it properly, so I will now put it on the internet, mostly for my own good, but there you have it.

Things I want :

Books: (some of these are not actually out yet.)
Catch 22 - I feel like I should read this book, but every time I get it out of the library I forget about reading it and read another, I have gotten into this books a couple of times in past summers, only not to read it, hopefully if I own it, I will get around to reading it, that's how it works, right?

Far from the Madding Crowd - This I think sounds super interesting, I will probably get it pretty soon as classics come cheap in ebook form, but it is on the list, so it gets mentioned.

Martin Chuzzlewit- This is similar as the last book as it is a classic that I will probably pick up in ebook form for about $3. I think this book sounds really good, also I own a lot of Dickens, however I have read very little Dickens, which should probably change if I am going to buy his books.

Emerald Green- This book series is pretty good, it is amusing but not my favorite, however I am enjoying, plus I have the first two books, so I would like to finish it off, I will probably get this for my birthday as it comes out a couple weeks before my birthday, I think some time in October.

Across the Universe (bookset) -
This doesn't actually exist yet, as far as I have seen it has all been individual books, but I think that they are popular enough that they will come out with this eventually. 

Percy Jackson Series

Fight Club

The Mote in God's eye

Nail Polish :
I would like to finish off the Skyfall collection as I have most of the colours and would like to get them all as I liked all the colours, although I might not get Moonraker, as I am not as in love with that colour.

- I have also liked a couple of colours from the OZ collection, although I am not sure what I think of the liquid sand thing yet, I am on the fence, but I suppose I can also layer on the top coat if I am really unimpressed.

- Moon Candy : I am so in love with these, I was interested in them since they first came out, but since buying one of them cheap, I am in love, plus I have been seeing these on sales as of late, which is always a good thing.

- "Summer Colour" I am looking out for a fun summer colour, I am thinking an orange or coral, not sure yet, I am hoping to know it when I see it.


-Wrap Skirt : I have been wanting one of these for a while, but I cannot find a good one in person, hopefully with summer around the corner (okay, I admit, it is just Spring, but it is sunny and that's good enough.) I hope more of these will go on sale.

-50 style dress: This has been on my wishlist for a couple of months as well, I found the perfect one, but after all was said and done it costs around $70, so I have been stalking it online, however I have yet to make the plunge. Soon though.

- Button up sheer shirt : I have had a couple of hopeful in this category, but  both shirts had something wrong with them, however I will keep a look out, as I really love this look!

-Shirt dress : It's spring and I love dresses!

-Jean shorts

Make up:
-Nars Deep Throat: Firstly can I say, oh my Nars, second, I have wanted to try Nars blushes for a long time, however, this might be a while in the future seeing as I just got an expensive blush (Coralista) in a sample pack (but with a surprising amount of product.)

-YSL lipstick (the colour  I want changes every time I look at them, something soft though.) I have the YSL lip stain and it is probably one of my favorite make up item I have, the formula works really well for me, and the colour is really nice as well, which leads me to beleive I will also enjoy the YSL lipsticks, however they are about $40 each, but I will probably get this pretty soon, I have been eying these for way too long. 

Other: (Yes I am still not done.)
-Magazines: I have been on a hiatus of magazine buying for a while, seeing as I have been broke as of late and these were not a necessity, but they are really fun, I would probably only pick up my two favorites (Marie Claire, and Cosmo) but if the articles suit I like to pick up a Vanity Fair, or once in a while a cleb one.

- Little Black Bag: since my friend showed me this I am very interested to try it out, anybody who knows me, knows I love my bags, and this is a site that offers free bags with the purchase of bags as well as other make up things, I really want to try this, maybe not every month, but once in a while, or more than that if it turns out pretty awesome.

-Cute jewellery from etsy (mostly necklaces): There are so many of them, I have been watching a couple of esty shops of some of my favaorite, I really love esty, and jewerlly, so it works out.

-Caller ID: This may seem out of place, and to be fair it pretty much is, however, I didn't get this put on my phone because the price was way too high for something that is mostly unneeded (it's not like I get a ton of strange calls.) But miss a call and it can be very annoying to try to find out who called, it's not a necessity but it would make my life just a tad easier.

-3DS- I really want to get the new pokemon, plus some of the new games that have came out for the DS sound really good, but mostly the pokemon.

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