Thursday, April 11, 2013

April favorites

Because why not? These are a couple of products that I am currently very amused with, I don't know that I will be amused with them forever, but for now, I love it.

1) Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. I cannot tell you how much I am loving this! The peach colour really works with the natural tone of my lips, plus like all the baby lips it smells so tasty. I am also huge into keeping my lips hydrated especially as it starts to get warmer out.

2) The beauty Blender. I do not have the "real" beauty blender, I have the beauty sponge, however it is basically just a cheaper version, but oh my gosh, where as this been all my life? I am in love with it, I get a good amount of foundation without making myself look cakey, also the point is good for covering up any problem areas my skin might be having. I still use my brushes for concealer though.

3) Elf baked blush. I am loving this colour, I think it gives my cheeks a bit colour more without being too over the top! I will probably pick up more of these the next time I do a ELF haul, although I cannot say how long that will be seeing as I just had one.

4) Benefit Sun Beam- I am loving this highlighter, I will admit this is the first highlighter I've tried, but I am really impressed with that light glow it gives me, I am not sure how well other people can see the different, but I sure can!

5) Urban Decay - Glinda Palette - The colour in this palette are so nice, I like them because almost all the colours can be an easy all over the lid colour, although I have tried a couple of looks with this. I also like that it came with a plum (rockstar) eyeliner, which really make my brown eyes a nice colour, the lip product, I liked but I didn't find it anything special. I also love that in this palette the colours can be taken out in order to put in new colours so that a person can keep the beautiful tin!

Non - Makeup

1) Game of Thrones - I realize I might be rather behind on this trend (seeing as Game of Thrones is entering into it's third season) but I recently caught myself up and now I am up to date with all the crazy stuff happening. I love all the different houses and character, and I find myself rooting for a lot of different characters, even when the characters all want vastly different things from each other.

2) Doctor Who- The new season is continuing after it's break, I am so looking forward to whatever Steven Moffat as in store for us, as well as getting ready for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!

3) Getting caught up with my own books - I have a lot of books that I have bought (from Christmas as well as just randomly) that I have no read sitting in my collection. For the time being I am trying to catch up on my to be read pile of books that I own and bought as I think I will enjoy them, I am currently reading Insurgent by Roth!

4) Orcs must die - This is video game in which the goal is simple kill all the orcs, the way in which you can do this depends on what weapons and traps you bring with you. I am trying to beat the co-op levels with my boyfriend, and we are having a lot of fun playing this together.

5) Spring - I am so happy it's here, I am going out to walk in the sun, doing things outside wearing new clothes (or at least clothes I haven't worn outside in a while), it's finally warm, and I am loving it!

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