Friday, May 17, 2013


So seeing as this is a blog about my favorite things (albeit about my favorite things ever so often)  I have decided to post about my video games I am currently in the middle of and the ones that I am enjoying.

So I went through my Steam Library today and uninstalled games I have no interest in playing, mostly because I beat them. Keep in  mind that I can always reinstall these later if I feel like I want to replay them. These are the steam games I have beaten:

-Terreria (to the point I had all the items I wanted)
-Amazing Adventures (there are quite a few of these games)
-Typer Shark
-Escape from Rosecliff Island (although I believe it is made by the same people that make Amazing adventure, it is not called amazing adventures, so I added it here!)
-To the Moon
-Little Inferno (as I write this, I can hear the song of this game in my head.)
-Orcs must die 2 (campaign, I am still playing co-op with my boyfriend)
-Assassin Creed 2, Brotherhood, Revolutions

Games I am currently playing and loving:
-Antichamber (I am on the final level - at least I think so)
-Amazing adventures
-World of Goo
-Monster loves you
-Portal (replay)
-Plants vs Zombies
-Orcs must die (yes, I played the second one first, how rebellious)

Games I want to play more:
-Civ 5
-Team Fortress 2
-Storm in a teacup

Games that I am looking forward to starting
-Assassin creed 3
-Costume quest
-Walking Dead episode 2
-Wizards Pen
-Mirror's Edge
-Remember me (not out yet)
-Nancy Drew
-Prince of Persia
-Sims 3
-They Bleed Pixels (which was a xmas gift..)
-Tomb Raider (both the older ones and the newest ones)

So these are the games I am going to get to soon, probably once I finish or get bored of my current games. I also have Pokemon (white) and Leaf Green to play on my DS. Plus I will probably end up buying Super Mario 2 (or whatever the new one is.)

To make a long story short, I have a lot of games to play. 

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