Sunday, July 14, 2013

Steam Summer Sale/Steam Stats

So, as you may or may not know it is currently the Steam Summer Sale, and since I told you what I bought last year, I figured I might as well go over what I have bought this year so far and what I have beat from last year/this year.

In my steam account I currently have 97 items, the items I bought in 2013 have been

-The Sims 3
-Civ 5 Gods and Kings expansion pack
-Orcs Must Die
-7 Grand Steps

or $9.45/month

In the Steam Sale I purchased

-Scibblenauts unlimited- $4.99
-And Yet it Moves,Time Gentleman, please, Amaita bundle- $7.49
-Tiny Bang Story - $2.49

The sale goes on for about another week and a half, I know that I will probably purchase Reus as well, and although that is the last game I am very interesting in buying I am sure there will be a couple more small purchases (I love the indie games).

Now onto the steam  games I have beaten this year (which I may or may  not been bought last year)
-Antichamber (15 hours)
-Escape from Rosecliff Island (last year Summer Sale) (7 hours)
-Little Inferno (3 hours)
-Monster Loves You (without all the endings though) ( 4 hours)
-Orcs Must Die 2 + Co-op (16 hours)
-Portal 2 + Co-op (~8 hours)
-Spore (without all endings) (9 hours)
-Stacking (~4 hours)
-Terreria (61 hours)
-To the Moon (4 hours)
-Amazing Adventures (Last year Summer Sale) (14 hours)
-Amazing Adventures: Lost Tomb (Last Year Summer Sale) (8 hours)

Overall, I played 157 hours on these games or 6.54 straight days. I did enjoyed them all though, which I am pretty happy about! These are some of my steam facts, it might have been a little boring but I hope you enjoyed!

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