Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello there!
So as school starts tomorrow I am getting ready for the new semester which is all science-y, social sciences so hopefully it will not be the dull-but yet still managed to be super stressful ordeal that geology was a couple of semesters ago. Rocks, I know hardly more than I did before the semester started- except that I hate them. Okay, maybe rocks aren't to blame here, but as an object that does not feel - at least so it seems- they are a very easy target. Poor rocks.

Anyways, I am here to tell you that as school starts this blog may die a little bit, what's that good reader, I hear you say "This blog is already sort of dead and you update really infrequently", yes reader, I do. But luckily since there is about three people that read this blog (including myself) I will not disappoint too many people. So yes, this is a life update, this blog may become less activity, or more maybe, procrastination is a strange beast.  Which I realize means that basically I told you "This blog may die a bit, or not, I don't know really" so yes this blog trudges on into uncertainty, sorta like me. Yes, that may have turned into a metaphor about life. So there you have it then, this update may have been sorta pointless.

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