Saturday, October 19, 2013

October Favorites

Hello all, this is going to be a rather small little list of things that I am currently loving in October.

1) Candles
As some of you know October usually hosts a lot of midterms, which means a lot of studying needs to be done. I suppose is it just because it makes it a bit more relaxing that I love to burn candles while studying. It gives the room a nice smell, it looks friendly and I love having them. My favorite ones are from Bath and Body Works, I have yet to get some candles for the fall (I am still using up my "bamboo" candle) but when I do I will be picking up a large candle in one of the fall scents and maybe a couple little ones in the winter scents.

2) Body Butters
I love these for when the fall months gets cold and your skin begins to get dry, I am currently using the ones from the Body Shop (it is an orange scent).

3) Tea
While this is true of any month of the year I have noticed myself drinking a lot more tea in the last couple of weeks, and as it begins getting colder in the mornings I will bring tea instead of water to class to warm me up as I learn!

4) Dark Nail Colours
I suppose this is true of fall trends but as the months gets colder the lip and nail colours seem to get deeper! I am currently loving Ox Blood by RGB, it is a deep red, I am currently wearing germanicure by OPI.

5) Long Novels
Once again like tea I enjoy novels any time of the year, however as winter (and winter break!) approaches I feel myself gravitating to longer classics such as Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas.

While I will admit that summer is my favorite season I am looking enjoying fall as we get into            Halloween and shortly following Halloween is my birthday. Plus the majority of my courses do not have a final exam, so December 4th is definitely a date I am looking forward to!


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