Sunday, December 29, 2013

Books I am looking forward to in 2014

So this is a list of books I am looking forward to in the coming year, as for the first time in a long time I am currently reading a couple of different series, this means that there is a greater than normal amount of books that I am currently waiting on to read in the new year. In no order what-so-ever

Isla and the Happily ever after:
I mentioned this one earlier thinking that it came out last year (nope) anyways so it is a third in a series,(in so much as the same characters crossover the book itself is actually about a different girl each time) and I read the first and second and they were really cute and so I am looking forward to more love.

5th in the Lost Heroes Series:
I love this series and everything to do with it. I am patiently (ish) waiting for the last book, this especially excited for this novel because in Rick Riodan's last series The Percy Jackson Series the last book was my favorite it was wrapped up well and I thought it was the best story of them all, so I am hoping for an encore of good story telling in this last book.

Darkest Minds #3:
Although the title has not been release yet apparently all the three novels are suppose to add up to create a sentence (or so I've heard) which is actually really cool. I loved the first one of this book and I am currently reading the second, and if it is anything like the first I shall have to get the third -and last one- as well.

Hold me closer Necromancer #3:
I really enjoying the first book in this series and the second one was enjoyable-although less so, I shall read the third one because I find the topic and the magic interesting and I want to know how the story ends (I think this is the last one).

These are only the books I can think of wanting in the new year, I might think of some later, but these are what I am most excited for!

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