Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hello "all", (the quotation indicate while I used a greeting that indicates more than one person reads my blog this may not actually be the case- but at any rate it is nice to be optimistic!)

Anyways, so I would like to talk about my little plan I have been planning for a while. This is the idea that I would like to read more myth/culturally significant books to different cultures. Although I do not really know what it very significant in a lot of cultures this is my little list:

-The Three Kingdoms
-Collections of Ancient Egyptian creation myths 
-Hawaiian Myths

- So while I realize this list is rather short and probably should content more religious texts (Koran, The bible, Book of the Dead ..etc) this is just an idea that I would like to try until I put it on the back burner or get bored and try to read a lot of something else, of course this will still mean I will read exactly what I planned on reading anyways, I will just attempt to read this sometime in the future. Also, for you reading pleasure (which is kind of a pun but meh) I do want to write down the things I have read this year and the things I want to read next. I may shorted that down to my favorite reads of this year!

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