Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Palettes I want to own

Hello all,
So with all this cyber monday/black friday stuff going about recently it has really got me thinking about the palettes I would like to own in the future. These are a couple palette's I have heard good things about, although not all may be accessible from Canada, but hopefully when I go down to the USA this summer I can pick up any palettes that is hard to get here.

1) Lorac Pro Palette:
This is a really beautiful palette and it has been out of stock on the sephora.ca website for a while now, although it is currently in stock I don't really have the money to buy a 70$ (that's what it would cost with shipping). But I will keep in on my radar, and maybe sephora will have a free shipping event as they have had from time- to - time.

2) Too Faced Natural Eye
This is a cute little box of natural eye, and while I have the Naked 2 it isn't super awesome for traveling, plus I am scared I am going to break it, thus I would have to have this little thing to travel with, as well as it looks really nice.

3)  Sugarpill
I really want to try sugarpill, the palettes look super pigmented although a lot of them are not in the usual colours I use which combined with the price to ship them to Canada (you will notice this pattern) I haven't bought anything yet.

4) Naked 1&3
I own the naked 2 and it is easily my go-to palette when I reach into my collection, I reach past a lot of e make up but I almost always go to this palette, I just love it, perfect for an everyday look, or for something more smoky/more dramatic, and Urban Decay has unparallelled colour pay off at least compared to others in my collection, so I really want to grab the rest of the Naked Collection -perhaps the basic as well, although I have heard there has been issues about it showing up on pale face- and me and the urban decay naked line shall ride off into the sunset of awesome makeup!

5)More Indie Brands
I would like to try more indie brands but at the same time I am not sure where to start, so maybe after I get a couple of the other palettes I might look into this more, but for now I am content with trying indies "in the future".

Anyways, those are all the palettes I want to try out! See you later! :D 

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