Friday, March 28, 2014

A short list of things I would like to get

The title really explains the rest of this blog post- also I really like these post because I can come back to them again and again and decide what I really did want (AKA I have bought) or what I have forgotten about (and therefore didn't really want all that much!)


Cress: This is the next book in the Cinder series that I just started and I want to get it to continue on - however, I do so knowing that the last book does not come out for another year (winter 2015), mind you I heard they are connected to each other but not directly related? Either way, I do want this one, assuming I like Cinder. (I am too early to really tell)

Murder on the Orient Express - Christie 

Four Past Midnight: This sounds really interesting and I want to read more horror. :) 

I want a pair of proper black flats, as my died and I really need to get new ones, black flats are about a staple in shoes land (plus, I mean, black flats and skate shoes are about the only shoes I`ve worn out)

Make up:
-I would like to try YSL glossy gloss as I tried it on in the store and it was really nice - mind you this is really a ``if I ever feel like blowing money`` as opposed to ``I need this in my life this minute`` because I don`t even wear glosses all that much - although of all the glosses I have worn I did like that one the best, it didn`t do that gross sticky thing- but it did wear off super fast though.

-Make up forever setting powder:  I have the ELF ``dupe`` for this, but honestly I don`t really feel like it does that much. I want to try the real deal out, I have tried it on in stores and liked it, although it does do that odd flash photography thing that whitens your entire face which isn`t cool.

-The Body Shop Aloe Serum

-Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

- NARS - foundation (Fiji)

-Argon Oil

-Rose Oil

-Lush sea scrub, I tried it out on my hand, and it is pretty impressive! I want some :D

- As they say the best things in life are free and really want I want is to be done school. I love my classes (well, Data Analysis and Western Religious, my history class is sort of boring- but at least the teacher is interesting)but I just want to be done!

Hope you are having a nice day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Books bought in March 2014

So I thought that I would just list the books I bought or got given to me in March, while this might be a little boring to read without pictures I think it is a handy way to list what I have got each month and maybe say a little about each book.

So, Kobo is holding a contest thingy where they ask questions and you receive coupons for answering them correctly and the grand prize is an ereader. So I have been answering the questions, (more for the coupon then the rest of it) and because of this I received a 45% off coupon and  bought Fight Club.

Next I bought "Children's Past Lives" which is a topic that interests me, I can't really tell you why, but the idea of Past Lives I find compelling, so I tend to read books about it, I have read about 8 books about this topic, which isn't too bad, but the reason I choose this one (as I do not have children with or without a past life) is it gets mentioned a lot and I would like to read a "classic" book in this small sub-genre.

My fiance gifted me "The Shining" which I am super excited to read - however, I am in the midst of finals and it is a pretty lengthy book (and apparently it is quite scary) so I am planning to pick it up after my school year is done (and I can read it in the afternoon- I'm not so brave).

Those are the books I got this month, I have a couple books that I think I am going to take out of the library (when I find the time) such as The Archived, and Smoke, although I might wait til the end of the semester when I will have time to read them and they won't sit sadly like my other current library books are doing now! So that's my books for this month!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Buying Ban?

Hello World!
So, I have been watching a couple of booktubers saying that they have decided to go on a book buying ban, for a couple of reasons, either to get caught up on their to be reads or finance reasons or other reasons.

I have thought about doing a book ban a couple of times but each time came to the same conclusion for myself, as long as it is in my budget and enjoy reading I will continue to buy books. However, recently I have been trying to limit myself to book that I am interested in reading. For example, I recently bought Fangirl and A Tale for the Time Being, both books I have wanted to read for a while, when they came I read (and loved) Fangirl and began (and currently on) A Tale for the Time Being. The reasons I mention this is because I think that this is how buying books should feel, I am excited because I have chosen two books I am actively interested in reading and I know the synopsis and I am enjoying it and afterwards if I loved it I am happy to own it to read it again.

So to try to encourage myself to think about the purchases before I get them, for example I was in the used book shop and I saw Hollow City for say used for $4.99 and City of Bones for $2.99 and at first I was going to buy them both- then I pause and thought, wait, I know these are popular, but am I even interested in these series? Not really. Not so much that I wanted to rush home and read them. So I put them back down- they might be awesome finds for somebody, but if I don't want to read them that much and won't be happy having them then I haven't spend my money very wisely.

Personally I find this has helped them than an actual book buying ban, lately the last 6 books I bought were books I wanted (Everyday, Mote in God's Eye, Fangirl, Tale for the Time Being, We Real Good, and Americanah) and each book I either am excited to start or have read, instead of getting a box in the mail and have no idea what books are in it (because I have forgot) I find myself happily waiting.

The reason I don't stop and completely force myself to read all the books I have collected (and I have quite a few books needed to be read) is that I don't mind reading them whenever, I mean, if I don't get to a book for another couple years or a decade that is okay with me. I know that means I run the chance of not having the same reading taste, but if it gets to the point where I am no longer interested in reading those books I can always donate them (or whatever cool thing we do in the future) or trade them or whatever in order to continue on.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March To Be Read

So, while I do have finals and papers and the like showing up in march I would really like to get some reading done. So this is what I hope to read in March (and then maybe what I will get around to in April- when I am off of school!).

I am currently reading "A Tale for the Time Being" and I am about 50 pages into that so I would like to finish that.

I would also like to finish "Surely, you are joking" by Feymann as I am about half way done with that book, although since it reads like short stories I find myself breaking it up and taking long breaks between the chapters.

I would like to continue reading Night Shift by King - this one is short stories so I am reading it whenever I am in the mood for a horror story, so far I have read about 5 stories, but none of the "really scary" ones yet.

I would like to read Cinder, and Scarlett by Meyer as Cress just came out, and they sound really quiet interesting.

Finally, if I read all of those books I would like to read Affinity by Waters as my roommate loves it and is letting me borrow it. As well as another book I am borrowing, which is the Year of the Flood, by Atwood.

I am not sure how much of that I will get through, but that is my plan. For April (when I will have free time) I think I am going to try to read some more classics, I have been really wanting to read a couple, there are a couple in which I am thinking of reading, the first one is North and South by Gaskell. I would also like to get to a Dicken's novel, I have a couple to choose from, although David Copperfield sounds the most interesting. Finally, I would like to read Dumas, I have a couple of works of his to choose from!

So there you have it, hopefully what I will be reading in the next little bit, although, I will probably not end up reading all of these, and may read others instead. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a TBR, but oh well.