Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Buying Ban?

Hello World!
So, I have been watching a couple of booktubers saying that they have decided to go on a book buying ban, for a couple of reasons, either to get caught up on their to be reads or finance reasons or other reasons.

I have thought about doing a book ban a couple of times but each time came to the same conclusion for myself, as long as it is in my budget and enjoy reading I will continue to buy books. However, recently I have been trying to limit myself to book that I am interested in reading. For example, I recently bought Fangirl and A Tale for the Time Being, both books I have wanted to read for a while, when they came I read (and loved) Fangirl and began (and currently on) A Tale for the Time Being. The reasons I mention this is because I think that this is how buying books should feel, I am excited because I have chosen two books I am actively interested in reading and I know the synopsis and I am enjoying it and afterwards if I loved it I am happy to own it to read it again.

So to try to encourage myself to think about the purchases before I get them, for example I was in the used book shop and I saw Hollow City for say used for $4.99 and City of Bones for $2.99 and at first I was going to buy them both- then I pause and thought, wait, I know these are popular, but am I even interested in these series? Not really. Not so much that I wanted to rush home and read them. So I put them back down- they might be awesome finds for somebody, but if I don't want to read them that much and won't be happy having them then I haven't spend my money very wisely.

Personally I find this has helped them than an actual book buying ban, lately the last 6 books I bought were books I wanted (Everyday, Mote in God's Eye, Fangirl, Tale for the Time Being, We Real Good, and Americanah) and each book I either am excited to start or have read, instead of getting a box in the mail and have no idea what books are in it (because I have forgot) I find myself happily waiting.

The reason I don't stop and completely force myself to read all the books I have collected (and I have quite a few books needed to be read) is that I don't mind reading them whenever, I mean, if I don't get to a book for another couple years or a decade that is okay with me. I know that means I run the chance of not having the same reading taste, but if it gets to the point where I am no longer interested in reading those books I can always donate them (or whatever cool thing we do in the future) or trade them or whatever in order to continue on.

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