Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Books bought in March 2014

So I thought that I would just list the books I bought or got given to me in March, while this might be a little boring to read without pictures I think it is a handy way to list what I have got each month and maybe say a little about each book.

So, Kobo is holding a contest thingy where they ask questions and you receive coupons for answering them correctly and the grand prize is an ereader. So I have been answering the questions, (more for the coupon then the rest of it) and because of this I received a 45% off coupon and  bought Fight Club.

Next I bought "Children's Past Lives" which is a topic that interests me, I can't really tell you why, but the idea of Past Lives I find compelling, so I tend to read books about it, I have read about 8 books about this topic, which isn't too bad, but the reason I choose this one (as I do not have children with or without a past life) is it gets mentioned a lot and I would like to read a "classic" book in this small sub-genre.

My fiance gifted me "The Shining" which I am super excited to read - however, I am in the midst of finals and it is a pretty lengthy book (and apparently it is quite scary) so I am planning to pick it up after my school year is done (and I can read it in the afternoon- I'm not so brave).

Those are the books I got this month, I have a couple books that I think I am going to take out of the library (when I find the time) such as The Archived, and Smoke, although I might wait til the end of the semester when I will have time to read them and they won't sit sadly like my other current library books are doing now! So that's my books for this month!

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