Sunday, March 9, 2014

March To Be Read

So, while I do have finals and papers and the like showing up in march I would really like to get some reading done. So this is what I hope to read in March (and then maybe what I will get around to in April- when I am off of school!).

I am currently reading "A Tale for the Time Being" and I am about 50 pages into that so I would like to finish that.

I would also like to finish "Surely, you are joking" by Feymann as I am about half way done with that book, although since it reads like short stories I find myself breaking it up and taking long breaks between the chapters.

I would like to continue reading Night Shift by King - this one is short stories so I am reading it whenever I am in the mood for a horror story, so far I have read about 5 stories, but none of the "really scary" ones yet.

I would like to read Cinder, and Scarlett by Meyer as Cress just came out, and they sound really quiet interesting.

Finally, if I read all of those books I would like to read Affinity by Waters as my roommate loves it and is letting me borrow it. As well as another book I am borrowing, which is the Year of the Flood, by Atwood.

I am not sure how much of that I will get through, but that is my plan. For April (when I will have free time) I think I am going to try to read some more classics, I have been really wanting to read a couple, there are a couple in which I am thinking of reading, the first one is North and South by Gaskell. I would also like to get to a Dicken's novel, I have a couple to choose from, although David Copperfield sounds the most interesting. Finally, I would like to read Dumas, I have a couple of works of his to choose from!

So there you have it, hopefully what I will be reading in the next little bit, although, I will probably not end up reading all of these, and may read others instead. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a TBR, but oh well.

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  1. For some reason, I find your dropping of authors' first names weirdly disturbing...