Thursday, April 10, 2014


So another booktube related tag! One day I will get a camera and maybe actually do these tags in video form, but until then I shall fill them in on my blog, because, mostly why not? So here is one that I found that goes back to this youtuber and here is the tag!

1. What genre/s do you usually stay away from?
I usually do not read fantasy or horror. However, I am trying to broaden my reading a little so I am trying out Stephen King and I am trying a couple of fantasy's as well. I am going to try to read Eon, and the Song of Ice and Fire series, mostly because I love the show.

2. What book on your shelf are you ashamed to not have read yet?
Uhm, none really, I read my books at my own pace but I do want to get to a couple of the longer classics soon as they have been sitting there for a while!

3. What is your worst bookish habit?
Hm, I guess that I am brought in by good prices and sometimes end up getting books I otherwise would not have - like from the library, but I am trying to cut that out because even if it's like a dollar if I have no interest in reading it there isn't much of a point to get it, plus it will have to live on my bookshelves that are pretty full!

4. Have you read every review copy that you have been sent?
I've tried each one, now in saying that realize I have only ever been given 4 so it is not like there's a lot.

5. What is the most expensive book that you own?
I have a bookset of Harry Potter, mind you that wasn't just the one book. I don't think I have ever spend more than $30 on one book - wait unless you are including textbooks which in that case I think $180 for a stats textbook, not sure it was worth it.

6. Do you buy secondhand books?
Yup, from Value Village or the library.

7. What is your favorite bookstore?
 The one I go to most often would be chapters, so I am going to pick that one.

8. What is your favorite online bookstore?
the bookdepository, basically for the free shipping, Canada has expensive shipping.

9. Do you have a budget for buying books?
No, but of late I have only been buying books I find generally interesting, which so far as been one ebook in April -  I have a lot of books to read that I am interested in at home! 

10. Who do you tag?

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