Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Books read in April

Hello again,
So this month I did not read very many books, which surprised me as I am now done school. I started like 6 books and am currently in the middle of three.

Read in April:
-Griffin and Sabine 1-3 : These were short little books told in postcards, I enjoyed it enough while reading it.

-And then there were none (previous titled a couple of super racists things) : I love this classic Christie books! They have put me into a mystery kick as of late, I have recently picked up "Murder on the Orient Express"

-Attachments : This is a Rainbow Rowell book and since I loved her "Fangirl" I thought I would give this one a go. Overall, I liked it but I found parts of it odd. For one I found the pacing to be off, it seemed like there was so much "middle" and then the end was too quick and I felt without proper closure, but just enough to end it. I felt that the characters  were off too it seemed to me that at some points it felt like the author didn't know quite what to do with them and they sort of meandered around saying (funny) dialogue which also contributed to the weird pacing. I liked the story but I wasn't overly sold on the pacing or the characters, although the humour and realistic responses kept me reading.

Currently Reading:
-Murder on the Orient Express

So overall I did not read very much in April, but I wasn't really in the mood to read, so I didn't. Although I have been still playing with the idea of booktube I did receive a camera from my fiance- so we'll see! :)

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