Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This Made Me Think of That

So this is a BoutofBooks challenge about pairing different things up the rules are :

1. Choose a book and something to pair with it.
2. Share your combination and why you think the two go together on your blog, Facebook, twitter, or Goodreads.
3. Link to your posting in the comments, with your BOB 10 participant number so I can verify your registration.
4. If you tweet about this challenge (and I hope you do) make sure to mention me, @KnittingGromit, and use the hashtag #boutofbooks
The book that I am choosing is the book I am currently reading which is The Essential Marcus Aurelius - a book that the emperor of Rome musing, he was born A.D. 121. Because this is such an old book about people and philosophy it makes me think of Nietzsche & Decarte (probably two of my favorite philosophers) as well as Socrates and his death via Hemlock and reading about him in one of my philosophy classes.  So  due to all that my pairing would have to be philosophers past and (Marcus Aurelius's) future and sitting in class drinking tea. 

This pairing was pretty easy because in the text (book 1 at least) he mentions philosophy and that he once had an appetite for it but he was glad he "did not fall into the hands of some so-called wise man" or "attempt to solve logical puzzle or busy [himself] with observing the sky."

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