Saturday, June 21, 2014

Steam Summer Sale: Day 2

Hello World!
So I thought I would give you a run down of how the steam sales have been going for me. It's the end of day two so I have receive and bought a couple of new games.
First the games I have been given:
Monaco: it is a co-op game, I am not really sure much more than that, I was given it.

Castle Crashers: I have heard of this one in passing and I think people like it? Once more I got it because it was co-op and my friend wanted someone to play with.

Sherlock Holmes series: I am pretty excited for this one, ever since I had the fun of people the Raven I have been looking for games to recreate the fun that is solving a puzzle by talking to people, gathering clues, making up ideas who it could be and solving the murder! I enjoyed it and so I hope to recreate this in this series, the reviews were positive, so I am hoping I will like the games. 

The Blackwell series: Similar story, its a detective theme game solving a murder. (I think in each different episode you are a new person.)

Games I bought myself:

- The Last express: Okay, maybe I just want to be a detective, this one is about solving a murder with your detective ways. Clearly the Raven affected my gaming purchases more than I realize.

- Ghost Master: To break up this little theme, this is a game where you play as ghosts to haunt the people in the house. It was like 75 cents, and it sounds amazing.

- Space Chem - This one I am a bit unsure about, it is suppose to be a VERY difficult game basing itself on if/then logic (basically, if I pull x then y falls down). But it is just a pure puzzle, no other elements to consider (like game play, timing, etc.) so I am intrigued, it sounds challenging and fun. Mind you I also bought the most challenging Sudoku book because I figured "I like challenges" and I did like two puzzles, so we will see, it was 1.99 though, so cheaper than the Sudoku error.

-Closure: Cool little puzzle game where what you see isn't real, the real world exists in the dark, you play as a demon trying to solve puzzles in the dark. Not really sure what to expect, it was 1.49$ so it isn't that much of a risk, but it looks fun.

Total money spend so far: $8.

Games on my wishlist:

- Girls like Robots : a cute little casual puzzle game, I am hoping that it will be fun and cute and not that challenging, maybe something I can do while I listen to podcasts. Current Price : 4.86

-Assassin Creed's Freedom Cry : it's a short little, almost demo game to AC Black Flag, and it looks fun! I like the AC series so I can't see myself NOT liking this. Price : 7.49

-Contrast : Really interesting puzzle game where you can jump into and out of the shadows to complete tasks! Current price : 7.49


-Surgeon simulator: A game where you suck at surgeon and amuse yourself. 2.49

That's how my steam sale is going so far!

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