Saturday, June 21, 2014

Update on Games

Hello there!
So I decided since I was buying new games to update everyone on the games I am currently playing, and those I have completely (I would go through the ones I own but haven't played but its like a list 73 games long.)

Games currently playing:
-7 Grand steps
-And Yet it Moves
- Audiosurf
-Goat Simulator
-Gone Home
-Kerbal Space Program
- Magicka
- Monster Loves You
-Mystery P.I.
-Papa and Yo
- Planets Vs. Zombies
-Rocks of the Ages
-Civ 5
- Sims 3
- Sins of a Solar Rebellions
- Spore
- Swapper
- Thomas was Alone
- The Walking Dead
- Wizard Pen
- World of Goo

Currently playing : 26

Games defeated:
-Amazing Adventures (1 and 2)
- Antichamber
- Bookworm
- The Clockworkman
- The Clockworkman and the Hidden World
- Escape from Rose Cliff Island
- Little Inferno
- Long Live the Queen
- Ocotodad
-Orcs Must Die 2
- Portal 2
- The Raven
- Scribblenauts Unlimited
- Seasons of Mystery
- Stacking
- To the Moon
- Typer Shark
- Zuma Revenge.
-Gone Home
 Beat : 21

Not too bad, I am currently either beaten or playing about 40% of my games.

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