Thursday, August 21, 2014

Things I am loving for the fall.

Things I am loving for this fall!

I am loving new boots for the fall, especially boots that can wear through the elements. My favorite at the moment are the two new boots I got off to Justfab and my rubber boots I got a couple years ago for Christmas that outside of replacing the soles are getting along just fine.

My new boots:

My rubber boots which are not longer on Walmart site (which is where they originally came from) but they are pretty classic black boots with white polka spots.

Other things I am loving for fall is cute backpacks, especially leather or professional looking backpacks.  I have been using my same backpack for a while and it is looking a little rundown and I want to replace it with something not to expensive but still fit all my school stuff which can fairly heavy.

Another thing that I am loving for early fall is dark purple nail polish. I am loving the Essie's No Film.

Finally, I am loving my new pen!

Those are the things I am loving for this fall! 

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