Monday, September 22, 2014

20 palette challenge

Hey! So firstly, do you like how my title of my self-given challenge rhythms (almost)?

 So I just ordered the new Vice 3 & Naked Basic 2 for my birthday, which brings my total palettes (counting the wet and wild trios and 8 pans) to 20 palettes! Which is a lot actually, more than I realized. There are still a couple I really want to try, mainly Naked (1) and Too Faced palettes, but my collection is pretty complete, it includes Lorac Pro Palette (before Lorac disappeared from Sephora in Canada), the Ariel palette, Naked 2 &3, the galaxy palette, Vice 2 and a couple more, although those are my main palettes.

 My point isn't to brag here or anything, it's to point out I have a lot of great palettes that I am not using very often. So I decided to try to challenge myself to use a different palette each day until I use them all (so twenty days). Also, as a sub-challenge I want to do more colourful eye looks as I tend to go for bronze/neutral/gold eye looks and that's not really working the versatility of my palettes!

While I don't do makeup everyday, because it's time consuming and sometimes I rather the sleep, I would like to issue this make up challenge to myself to the different twenty palettes each day I do make up and try to have at least half of the looks I do incorporate colours. So that's the challenge, I noticed people doing the different lipstick everyday challenge, so I cannot attest to being unique in this challenge, just that I have a lot of palettes and wanted to create some new looks!

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