Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mini Update on the Pallette Challenge!

Hey readers!
So, I have a mini update to tell you about, and that is I have moved all my palettes! This was a great idea because now that I can see everything I actually know what I have and it is way easier to grab for something when you can see it, like today I did a look using my new Boudoir eye and I used Fuzzy handcuffs (as the base) which is a tan colour and satin sheets to make the middle of the eyelid pop (it's a gold/pink colour) however the pink wasn't showing through very strong so reached for my least used palette - my Glinda palette and pulled the pink out and completed the look! So just a tip (although I am sure you guys do this) if you want to play with you make up more have it easily accessible where you can see everything!  Also, I have been loving the pink/brown look lately, though I think I am going to try to do something really bold and colourful that might actually take a decent picture! :)

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