Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hello reader!
So, I have spent a lot of this year buying make up (as well as a lot of other things - books, steam games and candles being my particular weakness) and while books never go bad and candles I use pretty regularly (I like to use them when I study, it's like when there's a scent I am 'studying' but afterwards I can blow out the candle- and also just to make the place smell and look inviting) and steam games can sit on my account forever, but make up will go bad, that's just the reality of the product. So I have decided to take a close look and see what I want to keep and what I want to not waste my time with, so I went through my make up collection (yes, it's a collection at this point) and got rid of some things.

Firstly I threw away anything that looked like it was going bad or something that nobody I know would want (half used lip glosses and the like). I got rid of about 9 lip products this way, 4 old glosses that I think I got cheap at H&M, 2 baby lips that go bad the beginning of January, 2 EOS balms and smelt a bit off  and one failed lip crayon experiment I tried.

Then I went through my eye palettes, which is where I have the most stuff and picked out two that I never use, both my BH ones that I have literally NEVER used (which is pretty shameful) I wanted the colour selection, but then I realized that I don't really use colours. My one from IMATS is on the chopping block too seeing as I bought it more than a year ago and I also think I haven't used it once. I gave both palettes away to my friend, who was super happy to get them.

I went to my blushes and bronzers, I don't really bronze and blush is a new invention for me (I have pale skin so it took a bit of skill on my part to make myself not look clownish while still having on blush that was somewhat noticable), I don't really have anything to get rid of here since it's pretty small.

Then I went to my foundations, I usually only have 1 but I had 3, one from Mac that was the wrong shade (gave it away to my friend who can actually use it) and my 110 maybelline which I like for the colour but the lasting is only okay, and the Naked Skin which I am so in love with and have been using everyday- but still I don't want to get rid of my old faithful seeing as I just went through a bottle not too long ago.

Because I have cleaned up a bit of my makeup that leaves me more able to use the things I love while still having a LOT of different things to try out. That's not to say I am not going to be buying make up in the future (because I totally am) but I am thinking of trying the Low Buy Till Spring (where I want to pick up the tartelette palette - we will see how it goes)! So that's my little tale of trying to be more conscious of what I am buying and cleaning out the old and in some cases giving my friends some things to try! :D


  1. Didn't you already buy the Tartlette palette...? >_>

    And I can see why the MAC foundation doesn't work for you, as it totally works on me! I don't understand why no one at MAC of Sephora can correctly colour match you to a foundation! It's so weird!

    Have you ever used the Colour IQ thing at Sephora?

    1. Yeah, I used the colour IQ thing at Sephora, but I am not overly sure of the results since it gave me things I had tried and didn't think particularly matched me, but then I did have foundation on I think, so I might have to get it redone with just skin to get a better test.

      Yeah! I am glad it works for you, since otherwise it just would have to be wasted, which would be disappointing. I don't know, it's like magic, but like the bad kind of magic XD!

      Yeah, I did buy it, but I am trying to be rather good, I just really loved the look of that palette! XD