Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Winter Empties!

You'd think by the way I am blogging about empties that I must go through a lot of stuff quickly, but I doubt that is true, it just seems to be something I am focuses on lately? It's not even really on purpose. I'm not sure why, but hopefully you are really interested in my trash because here is some more!

 Firstly, I actually finished up a lip product! I know that it is only a deluxe sample size, but I am still really impressed with myself! I really liked this colour for fall, and I wore it pretty much nonstop from September to November. This didn't have a lot of product, unlike the fullsize, but I think it had a decent amount. I felt that this was a pretty good product, I felt like I didn't have to reapply all the time, but it still felt creamy (although I probably did reapply about every 3-4hours, so I guess that depends how often one wants to reapply). I did notice this colour came with a couple of the sets Bite put out for the holidays, so that's something to take into account if one is the type to buy the different holiday sets to avoid duplicate colours. As for me I have already repurchased. PS. the lip crayon is a bit messy from trying to dig to get a swatch!

I finished up another Sephora moisturizer. It is alright at moisturizing my skin, but this product is very meh for me. I don't feel it does a particularly great job. I find it a bit greasy, but not overwhelmingly so, and I dislike the powdery scent. Overall, I would not purchase; especially since often I was repurchasing due to not having anything I liked better. Now I strongly favor the FAB face moisturizer, so I'll purchase that instead.

 I finished this mascara: the Maybelline Lash Sensational. I liked this mascara. It seemed to lengthen, so at least it seemed to work well when I paired it with another mascara. Fun fact: I usually use two mascaras one for lengthening and one for separation. However, due to that, I cannot say how much of my overall look was due to this mascara, or the one I paired it with (the Benefit "they're Real") and I really like the look both mascaras provided together.  I would consider repurchasing, depending if I wanted to get the They're Real mascara as well. Currently, I am using up deluxe samples of mascaras.

I also finished up a deluxe size sample of Too Faced better than sex. I really like this mascara. I have been pairing it with Nars' audacious lash (also a deluxe size). I find it gives me long, yet still pretty natural looking lashes. Because it is a 30$ mascara, I am pretty unlikely to buy the fullsize. I do have another deluxe sample, so I will happily use that one up!

 I disliked this, but I finished it up pretty quickly because the sample seemed to come with very little product. I used this for under eye area, but it didn't seem to set, it seemed to smear around. I then tried to use it on any spots, but, due to the "moisturizing" centre it left the spots looking glossy, a bit? It seemed to draw attention to them rather than take it away. I could not find a way to use this in a way I liked it, but I used it all up trying. I would not repurchase. (/ get another sample of).

I really like this lip balm! I already have a favourite lip balm in the FAB Ultra Repair Lip Thearpy (which I think I have mentioned in an empties already). I don't really see the need to get another clear lip balm, especially at 28$, and  I didn't think it worked that much better than the FAB. However, I am also working on the Rosy Tint one, and that I can see repurchasing in the fullsize. I like the extra bit of colour it gives, while still helping my lips. So I guess, I would repurchase, but not in this colour.

This is the same picture from my mask post of early this week, but it represents finishing the three sheet masks from the Black Friday deal at Spehora. I have to say I am disappointed by them. I am sure they are great for other people, but I found them to be cold and clammy. I really didn't enjoy the sensation of them being on my face. I also felt they didn't really do much for my skin. The three types that came in the kit were : Pearl (in the picture), Rose (for brightening and moisturizing), and Lotus (for moisturizing and soothing). I also hated the feeling afterwards. They leave a tackiness on the skin that I found unpleasant, but the excess is not supposed to be washed away, so I left it. Overall, I will not repurchase these, but I am glad I gave them a go!

Well, that's all the empties I have this time! Hope you enjoyed them! Merry Christmas, if you are into that sort of thing. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Hello world!
So I decided I wanted to talk about masks today. Not really for any reason. I just like them. I thought I might as well talk about my favorite masks. I know skin is so subjective, so I just want to say these are the ones that work for me (also one that did not).

Okay! So I don't use a lot of different masks because my skin is only so-so; therefore, to keep my skin on the happy side of so I try to be very particular about what I put on my face, especially skincare. So I use about 4 masks with any sort of regularity, two in particular. I use two for cleaning/removing oil, and two for adding moisture. There are two I use way more often, and two that I have been trying out/using now and again.

My favorite by far in this category is the "First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask with Red Clay". The entire mask is a red film that goes on wet, then dries to be pulled off. I don't know if it is the pulling off or what, but I really feel like I can see a difference, and I can definitely feel a difference! Just a tip with this mask: use a healthy amount to put all over otherwise there will not be enough product to be pulled off  (which isn't the worst, just wash it off, but I think the pulling does help this product out).

The second one is new to me. It is the Glamglow in  "powermud". I know that some people find this mask irritating, so I would go in with caution; although I would like to add that most mask that aim to clean pores and all that other good stuff can be irritating, but it just may be that more people have heard of/tried glamglow. Regardless, I have heard that complaint fairly often. But, I do not find that on my skin. To me  it gives a nice tingle, and my skin is softer and seems less greasy. I like it. Also,I noticed on the website, it seems that there isn't a real different between the price point on the different size jars, the larger one just holding more product. I got two small ones to try out, and it may have the added benefit of not drying out as fast? Who knows.

Okay, my by far favorite in this category is the NARS SKIN aqua gel luminous. I noticed that this seems to be out of stock on sephora and has been for a bit? I hope it isn't discontinued. I love this mask, espicailly in the winter months. It just seems to work. You can put it on for a bit, or leave it in all night and wash it off in the morning. It seems a lot of product for how much is used. Although, that could be just because I don't get dry skin as often! I don't know!

The second I hardly every use because I am using the first one is the FAB oatmeal mask. It's fine, it seems to do the job well enough, but I prefer the feeling and the results of the nars one better!

Sheet masks. Well, that's a little quick, I tried my first one two nights ago. I hated the feeling of it on my skin! It is a weird goopy, wet, clamy mess that sits on the face. Also, I felt that it didn't stay very well so I had to kinda sit back in an odd way. Because I do not choose how much product there is, I felt there was too much stuff on the mask and therefore my face. I got a set of 3 for 13 dollars, so I will try out the other two (I tried out the Pearl Sephora mask, by the way). I doubt I will like them better because I do not like the feeling, but we shall see. The added benefit of surprising my husband with the mask almost made up for the wetness though!

Added note: I ended up liking the Sephora Rose sheet mask; although, I think I would still prefer an application mask. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More Empties you say?!

Hey! This is going to be a slight adding onto my last post. The reason why I don't just add this post on is because that would make the other post super long. Besides, I don't think anybody will be too concerned about how I make my blog posts XD!

So, like I said everything was running out, so here's the three things that ran out right after making that post!

1) Dove Body Wash:

This body wash was nice enough to use, but I don't really have any strong feelings about it. It is supposed to be hydrating, but I never really felt that; however, I never felt that it was drying either. The one thing I really did like about it was the smell. I think it smelled nice (and by virtue of using it) I smelled nice. I would repurchase (actually, I already did because there was a great deal on these 2.99 per bottle). I thought it worked alright, and it smelled nice.

2) NAKED foundation - Urban Decay

I liked this foundation. I thought it had pretty good lasting power and coverage. The colour seemed to match more or less to my skin. The coverage wasn't over the top it was more a medium coverage. If I wanted (or needed) any extra coverage I just went over it with my Nars concealer.  Overall, I was pretty happy using this. However, since I am --apparently-- fickle with foundations I decided when it ran out to try the Makeup Forever one. Although, I probably would repurchase this one again.

3) "Ance" Brush head for the Clarisonic.
These brush heads are all the same. It seems to me the "soft" over has a lot of give to it, but every other brush head in the line is the same brush head with different colouring. I guess I would repurchase, but I doubt which colour I choose makes much of a difference.

4) OPI's Nail Envy

This is one of the best base coat I've used! I find it does do a good job of making a base for the nail polish. I don't know if it does strengthen my nails because I have always had pretty strong nails without anything like this, but it certainly didn't hurt! I don't know if I will repurchase this just because it is rather expensive, and I think that I probably don't need it and could use any base coat, but if you have weak nails it's probably worth a shot.

5) *Not Pictured* Nyx "dewy" setting spray.

I liked this spray for taking away the powedery look of my face. However, I felt that it didn't really cause my makeup to last any longer, or really do anything else than to make my face look less powedery. I doubt I'll repurchase unless I find myself looking really cakey or powedery. I did purchase the Loreal setting spray, which was 18$ for a drug store! If I do not like that one, I may come back to my Urban Decay, which is currently my favorite ones out of the ones I have used (Nyx, Urban Decay, and Elf).

That's all I have for you guys today! Hope you have a nice day :)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Empties! (Spring- Summer)


So, I finished a couple more things since my last update. I wanted to wait until I finished up my foundation (it's on its last legs), but I thought that would take a while (probably another month), and I didn't want to wait that long! So, let's do the same thing as last time! :)

So this product has some pretty sad packaging (I cut it open to get out the last little bit),but I think it shows how much I liked it! I found this made my lips feel great and hydrated, which is even more important as we head into winter months. This lip balm also did not feel sticky, nor greasy; this may be because the lip product is petroleum-free.  I have already repurchase it!

This face cream, along with the lip balm, I got in a winter set last year (around December). So, while it doesn't look very large I think it lasted me a fairly well. I ended up loving this face cream. It is not very thick, but I liked that. It sunk into the skin easily, and I felt that it did a good job. I haven't repurchases this yet, but that is because I have a Sephora moisturizer I have to use up first. After I use the Sephora one, I intend to purchase this again! 

 I got this last year on Black Friday, so I loved this for how much I paid ($15). It foamed up nicely and left my face feeling clean! It had a nice scent and a useful dispenser (that I stole for another one of my cleansers). However, I am currently using a cleanser that is supposed to be for acne-prone skin, so I am not sure I would repurchase this one again- only because it did not help my acne (although, it didn't seem to cause me to break out or anything of that manner!)

 I loved the scent on the Wild Passion Flower hand cream (left)! The White Citrus scent was good at first, but I felt I was kind of sick of it by the end (right). This hand cream, but it left my hands feel greasy, and the product did not sink into very well. I felt that this hand cream left my hands smelling great, but I wasn't overly impressed by the moisturizing qualities of this. It was okay, I think I would repurchase my favorite scents again if there were a good deal, but otherwise I am happy with my L'occiatane. I feel that the with the L'occiatane you pay more and get less product, but it works so well the first time that I do not need to reapply often, but then my hands are not overly dry usually.

First, I finished a perfume! I love this scent! My husband got this for me about two or three valentines back, so I think it had a good amount of product in it! (I did not use the perfume everyday, though). I am happy that I had it, but I am happy I used it up, so I can explore different perfumes to wear! I have a couple other ones that I am using, but I don't really have a lot of perfumes. I would consider repurchasing this in the future, once I have tried some other ones.

That's all my empties I have used up in the last couple of months. I may have another one up sooner rather than later, because I am almost out of my powder, foundation, setting spray and one of my go-to lipstick lately. (Seriously, everything is running out at the same time!) Hope you enjoyed! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nailhur review update~

So, I decided to paste my nails back and try them on for a couple of days. Here's just a few things I want to add to the original post.

I tried painting the nails (as it says you can). I did not want to remove the original colour of the nail polish, so I just painted over top. This was the result:




I put a topcoat on my nails, but I am not sure that you have to do that. The nail polish did not seem to budge once placed on the nail and in the four days I wore the days, the polish did not chip. Whether  that is due to the nails themselves, or to my nail polish I do not know.

The second thing I wanted to mentioned is an update on the things I go used to doing. This was pretty much everything, except manipulating little things, and typing. It was difficult to put on/take off earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. It was also very difficult to game and type. The difficultly lies in how a keyboard is layout.  A keyboard has little spaces between the letters, and when a key is pressed down on it moves the keys below the other ones (obviously). This leaves a little gap where the nail point could fit and become stuck momentarily. This made it hard to type quickly, or to game on the computer, with accuracy. However, I think this would not be a problem with an Apple computer based on how their keyboard is laid out.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is removing the nails. After wearing them for a couple of days, I found the removing the nails to be much easier. It was still a bit of a battle, but it took me about 10 minutes. The nails underneath, however, were very weak; I've since cut them and cover them in Nail Envy.

Overall, I really liked how these nails looked before and after I painted them. Everywhere I went I received compliments on them, but they are a bit of a nuisance; however, I think they are a fun add-on to put on when you want to add a little more glam! :)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Nailhur nail review "Samantha"

So, this is a little review post I am doing on my blog. Mostly because I can, and I have things to say.

Nailhur, to begin with, is a brand of press-on nails. I tend not to try press-on nails because after using acrylic nails my natural nails felt so weak, unlike prior to acrylics, that I was turned off of "fake nails". However, I was interested in these nails because they came in an unusual style: stiletto nails.
Sharp and pointy at the end; much like a stiletto.

I want to begin with the price. It seems like these nails retail for 40$, but since I bought these nails (like a month ago) to now they have had a sale placing them at $14. It also seems like the sale number is sale 65, so my guess is they are usually around 14$, or else not too hard to find them on sale. They come in packaging like this.

14$ seems like a fair price, although shipping will of course add onto that depending on where you live. Now onto the actual nails themselves. These nails are really cool, and really cumbersome. When I first put them on I was surprised how easily I could text (the side of my fingers) and maneuver the remote control, and generally get around; however, I found that tasks felt more "annoying" with these nails slowing me down. See, I tried these nails on during a day of "chores" to see how they felt before taking them on the road. I found that typing on the computer, for me, was really difficult. I can type pretty fast and accurate (I like to think), but with these nails on I just had misspelled word after mistake. Also, if you read any of my blog post you'll know I like to game and I just would not be able to with these nails on, without some practice first. I also found that chores like cooking were harder (I nearly cut off the edge of the nail because I didn't take it into consideration when I was cutting up vegetables). These issues probably could be overcome with practice, though. However, that being said I think I would wear these on a special occasion- a night out where all I have to do is drink and talk.

One more word of caution I have to give these is the glue used. The glue is really good. In so much you must be careful about where you are putting the nail. I accidentally got the side of my cuticle stuck and it pinched until I was able to get it off. And getting it off is not easy! I followed Nailhur's instructions of how to remove the nail and it still took close to 35 minutes of struggling to get my fingers out of the nails. I submerged my hands the entire time and did the pulling off thing they suggest, but it was a real battle to get them off! Also, it pulled off a bit of my natural nail where the glue had been.

So how did they actually look?

Well, in the Samantha's you can potentially see the glue in the clear sections, but even still I think they look amazing, and even if they are a bit high maintenance, I would still wear them again! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Steam Sale Summer Edition

Hello Readers!
I thought I would do a quick post about the games I have bought this summer sale. It is worth mentioning that each sale I tend to buy fewer and fewer games, I mean there are only so many games one person can possible play! My Steam library is up to, in impressive display of capitalism,  223 games. I have beaten 29 games and I am currently playing 31 (in that I am including games that cannot be "won").  That means I have played or beaten 60 games, or about 27% of my entire playlist, which is not that impressive, oh well.

Although, I would also like the add, if you will, that I bought 15 games knowing I would never play them. In my first sale, the Summer Sale of 2012, there was a  pack of 30 games I bought. The 15 of the 30 being cheaper in the pack than individual. So, really I've played 29% of my games; a number I think we all can agree is much more impressive.

Anyways, now that I have thoroughly defended my spending habits before sharing them. These are the games I picked up this Summer Sale. I am also included games gifted to me in this wrap-up!

Games I bought myself:
-Windosill - This game I have actually finished, and it was cute and charming; however, I paid like 2.50$ for it and I beat it in about half an hour. I mean it's a cute game, but still I wish it had just a bit more content!

-Testament of Sherlock Holmes

- Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
I said this before last sale. I just really want to be a detective, clearly. Recently, in particular, I have been looking for either a good mystery game or book. I am in the mood to solve mysteries!

- Apotheon - This is a side scrolling game that has really cool "Greek" artwork and style. I am not really sure it is my type of game, since I don't really do side scrollers with combat, but the art and the story made me really want to play this!

- Gunpoint & Please Don't Touch Anything - two different cheap puzzle games. I like puzzle games. Although, I am currently a little "puzzled" out. I played about an hour worth of Please Don't Touch Anything. Good, puzzle game, reminded me of the "Room" looking and playing with everything.

So, that's all so far I have bought myself now for the games I was given!
 -Space Engineers - Exactly what it sounds like. You are in Space and you are Engineering things.
-The Talos Principal - Sean got it for me because it is a) my type of game and b) was both in my wishlist and on a daily deal. This is like a philosophical puzzle game. I hope it is like Antichamber.

 - Dino D-day - A joke from Sean.

- A Story of my Uncle- This looks like an interesting little exploring game. Not really sure about this, but it looks fun and was about $2. I swear, PC games are a good bang for you buck. I mean there isn't that many things I can spend about 2.50$ and have like 3-4 hours of entertainment.  

Whew, that was long and in depth look of my gaming habits of the last bit! :D

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award tag

Tagged by Kristy, I figured I would give this tag a go! Firstly, here are the rules:  list 7 random facts about myself, and to tag others to do the tag. The recommended number is 15, but I won't do that many because I am rebellious like that.

1) I own a lot of books about grammar. This is not because I am a grammar person, rather the opposite, but the fact remains that I have like 8 of them.

2) Going off of Kristy's tag, I know a lot of people who hate tomatoes (or are unable to eat them) like higher than people would think statistically  possible basing on a (somewhat) random (albeit small) sample size of the population!

3) I enjoyed my stats class because I like stats. I think it is really cool how we --as humans-- can take random bits of information that we know to be true and to use a system of logic to infer likelihoods and predictions on all sorts of stuff.

4) I am quickly running out of space on my bookshelf. It just there is SO much I want to read, and so little physical space to put everything! (Before you say "you should go to the library", dear reader, realize I do and these are the books that I felt I needed to own on top of the ones I get out of the lib!)

5) I really want a gaming computer. I have a lot of games on steam (look, I just like stories, okay?), but because my computer isn't what it used to be, I cannot play some of them without either huge lag, or just my computer crashing in rebellion.

6) A couple authors I want to try are : Waugh, Boyden, Gedge, Diaz, and Ishiguro.

7) I have almost completely finished a full sized perfume. I am oddly impressed with myself. 

Well, that's all my "random" facts! I don't really have anybody to tag, so I am going to do the easy thing "I tag anybody who want to do it". :) 

Thursday, June 4, 2015


So, those of you who have been watching my blog for a while know that I have been trying to destash/use up a lot of my makeup. I started taking pictures of the makeup I used up so that I could keep track. Now that I have a bit of a list I thought I would share that list along with my thoughts - if I have any. Yup, it is pretty much your average empties video in a blog like setting (although, I imagine there are blog empties too, I just have not seen them.) This is my list starting from the end of last year. Going more or less chronologically:

 I really enjoyed this lotion enough that I bought it again in the tub, which I share with Sean. It is really great for moisturizing, although I will admit it is far more used in the winter (when I finished this) than in the summer (which it currently is). I have repurchased.
 This moisturizer  is decent. I like it enough, I do not think it is anything outstanding, but it does the job. On days where my skin is feeling particularly dry I used Nars Skin mask, which is really nice, but the Sephora one is okay for every night use. I repurchased it because I haven't found something I like as much for the same or less than the amount of the Sephora's one.
 I would not repurchase this! It is terribly greasy. I did not notice a lasting different, which is probably why I used up bought of these I bought fairly easily (it was a buy one get one deal thing). I much prefer the "Ultra Repair Lip Therapy" from First Aid Beauty (can you tell I bought myself a kit of First Aid Beauty from Sephora? Though for the record I don't really care for their cleanser)
 Another decent item. This came in one of my subscription boxes before I cancelled all of them (tired of receiving lackluster samples). It was fine while it lasted and I used it all up, but now that it is gone I do not find myself missing it. I am currently using the ELF eyebrow kit, which works just as well, and is likely cheaper. I would consider repurchasing this at a discount price.
 I liked this well enough while I had it, but I am liking my current primer more. I am currently using the Too Faced RX repair, which has a nice, if not a bit over the top, coconut smell coupled with a nice texture. The Smashbox one was silicone feeling. I did not dislike the texture, but for the same price I rather like the smell and texture of the Too Faced one, especially since I do not notice a different in the wear time of my makeup. It was difficult to get the last little bit of primer out of this, but I did manage. I would consider repurchasing at a discounted price.
 This is a sample size of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I loved this! I thought it made my lashes long and defined! I am not sure it is worth the expensive price tag, especially when contrasted with good mascaras at the drugstore, but I enjoyed this and have two backup samples from 100 point perk at Sephora! Would repurchase at a discounted price, may repurchase it at full price!
 This hand cream as a hand cream worked like a charm. I felt it was moisturizing; however, I could not get over the smell! This hand cream smells strongly of baby powder. I kept this in my schoolbag and for this reason I went through it, as it is only a sample size, but I did not enjoy the scent. I did repurchase this in the large size, but I got the lavender scent instead, which is lovely.  
I think this perfume was limited edition around last Spring, but I did enjoy the scent. The downside to this perfume is it had no staying power and over the day it would fade. However, to be fair, this perfume was small enough it did fit in my bag, if I wanted to bring it along. I could not repurchase it, even if I wanted to.

This was pretty good! I noticed that my makeup seemed to last longer with this than without this. However, I am not sure how much it is better than other setting sprays. I am currently trying the NYX "dewy finish" which I do not have an opinion on yet. I would consider repurchasing it!

Well that is everything! I hope you enjoyed! :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

One Word Tag (exactly what it sounds like)

Where is your cell phone? Charging
Your partner? Sean
Your hair? Black
Your mother? Wisconsin
Your father? Dependable
Your favorite material object? Unsure
Your dream from last night? Crash
Your favorite drink? Tea
Your dream car? mini
The room in which you are right now? Computer
Your ex? Meh
Your fear? Harm
What do you want to be in 10 years? Correct
What's the last thing you did before this? Avengers
What are you wearing? PJs
Your favorite book? Quiet
The last thing you ate? Chips
Your life? Good
Your mood? Content
Your friends? Awesome
What are you thinking about right now? Mundane
What are you doing now? Questions? (What kind of question is that? Clearly I am doing the questions)
Your summer? Excited
What's on your TV? Netflicks
The last time you laughed? Earlier
The last time you cried? Before
School? Ugh
What are you listening to? Warhammer
Your favorite weekend activity? Friends
Dream job? Unknown
Your computer? Slow
Just outside your window? Night
Beer? Innis
Mexican food? Yum
Winter? No
Vacation? Yes
On your bed? Pillow
Love? Always.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Liebster Award Tag

Hello! I have done this tag, but I got tagged again (by the same person XD!) So, here it is! The idea is one makes up questions, then tags someone else to do the questions, and then that person writes new questions and tags people etc. etc. Here are the questions I was tagged with!

1.      What lipstick are you wearing right now? (Or what is the last lipstick you wore, if you aren't wearing one right now) I don't know if it counts as a lipstick, but a Sugar Lip in Sugar Petal Tint.

2.      Is blogging/vlogging a dream job for you, or it is just a hobby? To be honest it isn’t really even much of a hobby. I blog mostly to myself about anything that I am particularly interested in (makeup/books/games), and only because I feel like it; there is little to no consistence on my blog other than things I like when I feel like writing about them.

3.      What is the best book you read recently? (Or, if nothing stands out, what was the last book you read?) I’ll answer both. My favorite recent read is War of the Worlds, while I know the story, it was nothing like I expected it to be (and it turns out I didn’t even really know the story anyway!) My last book –and it was a perfectly nice book—was Parnassus on Wheels.

4.      How would you define your fashion style? Like fun-lazy-professional. I like to look put together; for example, I like having an outfit that makes sense. I am calling it “professional” because I am trying to have my looks look more adult, so I try to wear less oversize hoodies and t-shirts with saying and jeans. That said I am calling it fun because I still wear that stuff when I want to, and I have a lot of pieces that are just fun to wear like sundresses, poncho, and flower pants <3! I am calling it lazy because a lot of the time jeans and a t-shirt is still what I wear because it’s easy and I don’t have to think about it much.

5.      Android or iOS? (Or Windows phone... lol!) Windows phone ha! I have an Andriod. 

6.      Do you use Reddit? Yup.

7.      What is your favourite video or computer game, and what do you play it on? (Or what is your favourite phone/board game, if that's how you do.) I like my steam platform and I like gaming on the PC. My favorite game is hard to choose I did love The Raven.

8.      Do you read more blogs, or watch more YouTubers? Watch more youtubers.

9.      What is one thing you think people should know about you? I am not sure there is anything people should know about me? Maybe, that’s something they should know about me?
10.  Would you rather stop buying makeup, or stop buying clothes? Makeup, because it goes bad and I have a lot, whereas clothes do not (although I guess they go out of style if you get something that’s a current fad.)
11.  What is your favourite TV show? Game of Thrones, Friends, As Time Goes By ( I want to rewatch that)! 

I choose not to do questions, nor tag people because that seems like a lot of work for nobody to answer them! XD 

Friday, April 17, 2015

No-Make-up Makeup tag

So, I saw this makeup tag and I wanted to do it! While I realize that this tag is suppose to be in the Youtube Media, I thought I would do it anyways. You can imagine, right?

1. Scouts honor that you aren't wearing any makeup :)
Yup, although this is usually where you are suppose to show off your bare-face, but oh well.

2. What is one makeup product you can not live without?
Foundation, followed shortly by conceler. My face is acne-prone, and while I do a lot to try to combat this, I find my face breaks out, especially hormonally. Thus, I feel like I need foundation on those "bad skin days" in order to cover up. 

3. What is one makeup product you can live without?
Well, I could say false lashes because I never use them anyways, but if you want one product from my core -use-everyday- kinda makeup, then I would say I could live without mascara. The reason being my eyelashes (like my hair) are quite dark, thus I wouldn't feel the most "undone" without that step. This is also because, if I use foundation, I feel like I need highlighter/blush/ to bring colour back to my face. Although,  I would still notice that it isn't on, though!  

4. Do you feel confident without makeup on?
Depends. On good skin days I don't really care (aka I don't feel confident or not confident, it's just a thing). Whereas, on bad days that is almost completely opposite; I feel like my face looks terrible, and that I feel self-conscious about it! 

5. Which part of your face do you like the most?
Hm, well, I like my eyebrows, at least in this current trend, they are there, but without being too thick, which makes them really easy to do. I like the shape of my nose --weird as that sounds-- because I think it is slender and straight. Furthermore, I feel like I have always disliked the colour of my eyes, but I am finally (probably due to makeup, and showing them off with the best coloured eyeshadow) I am beginning to accept and enjoy (?) my brown eyes. :) (I know you only asked for one, but I guess the rest are freebies!) 

6. Where is one place you will never go without makeup on?
This is tough because it is is a  good skin day I am pretty lazy about going places with makeup. I will say going fashion or makeup shows (like IMATS), or when we are going out to celebrate a birthday or holiday I try to look nicer.  BUT, on a bad skin day, I would say to go to school or out with my friends because these are my peers, and I want to look good.

7. Where is one place you can go without makeup on?
Good skin: School/store/to other people's houses/my house...etc. Bad skin: almost nowhere, I won't go out without makeup, unless I had to, in which case I guess I would go maybe to get the mail or to grab groceries, but that's about it.

8. Would you rather go without makeup for a week? or let your boyfriend do your makeup for an entire week?
Again, it depends: good skin week I would just go without. Bad skin week I would choose to have my SO do really simple makeup. Therefore, I would pick having my husband do my makeup just in case!

So, there you go, my makeup habits are apparently pretty dictated by my skin, but I suppose that makes sense!

Hope you enjoyed <3~

Friday, January 23, 2015

Palette Tag!

Hey, lovely readers! Since my last post I have decided to join "5 before Spring" or the "10 pan project" I mention both because I am currently doing something in the middle. I am trying to finish up ten items, (3 done!) but at the same time I am still buying makeup. However, I am still attempting "low-buy until Spring", but that is vague enough to mean anything. Anyways, I took this tag from Jen Luv's reviews palette collection video! Here's the questions:

1. How many makeup palettes do you have?
I am counting the palettes with four or more (not counting trios) about twenty three.

2. How many of those are eyeshadow palettes ?

The vast majority are eye shadows. The actual number of palettes is 20.

3. How many are non eyeshadow palettes ?
Simple math shows us the answer is 3. Those are all cheek palettes.

4. What are you top 3 favorite palettes?
A Few of my Favorite Things, Naked Basic 1, Chocolate Palette 1, I am all about those neutral colours.

5. What are your palette regrets?
Well, whatever that palette I bought at IMATS was called because I literally never used it. I probably could say my BH cosmetic palette since I ended up giving them away because makeup goes bad and I wasn't using it. Also, my ELF palettes because the payoff was pretty hit-or-miss.

6. How many limited edition or Holiday palettes do you own?

7. How many of your palettes are custom?
None, I don't even have a z- palette!

8. Of the palettes you own which 1 palette would you say wasn't worth the price?
Well, I think that Marc Jacobs palette was pretty expensive while being comparable to other palettes, however, I bought that on sale. So, for a palette I spent my own money only to take it home and be disappointed I would have to give it to ELF. I know that ELF palettes are cheap but money is still money!

9. Of the palettes you own which 1 palette was worth every penny?
I want to say either Naked Basic 1 or A Few of my Favorite Things.

10. In the last 12 months how many palettes have you given away or returned?
I gave away two palettes.

11. If for some reason one morning you woke up and all of you palettes vanished, which 3 palettes would you run out and get?
Assuming that the rules are I cannot get any of my L.E. palettes I would say the Chocolate Bar palette, the Tartlette Pallette, (it is pretty new but I am loving it like I knew I would!) and the Naked Basics 1.

That's the tag! I have to say I did not realize I liked the Naked Basic as much as I do! It is just a nice palette that can pull together a nice "put-together" look without a lot of work. Also, doing this tag made me want to do makeup even though it is 1:30 in the morning. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

reading diversity 2014

Okay, so early in 2014 I mentioned this was something I wanted to focus on reading more diversity after my last year of reading for the most part white authors, so to recap this was my 2013 reading year in terms of diversity. (This can be found at on this blog in January of 2014).

Total books read: 65
Female authors:32 (49%)
Male authors: 33 (51%)

Asian authors : 2 (3%)
African American: 1* (1.5%)
Hispanic: 1 (1.5%)
First Nation : 1 (1.5%)
Persian: 2 (3%)
White: 56* (86%)
Unknown: 3  (5%)

This year my reading had even more different categories, which is a step in the right direction, however, even still the majority of my books were focused on white authors again. I hope to continue the trend of reading more diversely in the number of different races that I read - but I would also like to read more books by authors that are not white.

This is how my year broke down in 2014:
Total books read : 50
 Female authors: 25 (50%)
Male authors : 20 (40%)
Books written by people of both genders: 5 (10%)

Asian authors: 4 (8%)
African American: 3 (6%)
Hispanic: 1 (2%)
Indian: 1 (2%)
First Nations: 2 (4%)
White:  30 (60%)
Unknown/written together with people of different races: 6 (12%)

So in 2014 authors that written solely by people who are non-white making up about 18% of my overall reading year which is much better than 8.5 % of last year. However, at 60% white authors make up the group with the largest percent and the vast majority of my reading. Thus in 2015 I want to continue to read more authors that are not white.

 Last year (2014) I read some new authors that I had not tried before (Thomas King, Toni Morrison - although I did not finish Beloved in 2014 but I am currently working on it) and in 2015 I want to continue looking into their work. Also I have been branching into more works by older favorites (I have been reading the Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie short stories on and off), I think the more I read diversity the more authors I am being introduced too that I want to read and the easier it is to read diversity. I have a couple of authors lined up for 2015 that I want to get more into (Sherman Alexie being a big one, I have two of his books, one short story one long that I want to get to) and I want to read Lawrence Hill after reading his short essay to read his novel (in American I think it's called the Wind Knows my Name, although in Canada the book is called the Book of the Negroes- and since I am Canadian that is the book I own). Plus after finally being able to track it down (and being pointed to Wells on more than a couple times) I have the Invisible Man by Ellison that I am really interested in reading. All in all I am excited for reading in 2015! Happy New Years :)