Friday, January 23, 2015

Palette Tag!

Hey, lovely readers! Since my last post I have decided to join "5 before Spring" or the "10 pan project" I mention both because I am currently doing something in the middle. I am trying to finish up ten items, (3 done!) but at the same time I am still buying makeup. However, I am still attempting "low-buy until Spring", but that is vague enough to mean anything. Anyways, I took this tag from Jen Luv's reviews palette collection video! Here's the questions:

1. How many makeup palettes do you have?
I am counting the palettes with four or more (not counting trios) about twenty three.

2. How many of those are eyeshadow palettes ?

The vast majority are eye shadows. The actual number of palettes is 20.

3. How many are non eyeshadow palettes ?
Simple math shows us the answer is 3. Those are all cheek palettes.

4. What are you top 3 favorite palettes?
A Few of my Favorite Things, Naked Basic 1, Chocolate Palette 1, I am all about those neutral colours.

5. What are your palette regrets?
Well, whatever that palette I bought at IMATS was called because I literally never used it. I probably could say my BH cosmetic palette since I ended up giving them away because makeup goes bad and I wasn't using it. Also, my ELF palettes because the payoff was pretty hit-or-miss.

6. How many limited edition or Holiday palettes do you own?

7. How many of your palettes are custom?
None, I don't even have a z- palette!

8. Of the palettes you own which 1 palette would you say wasn't worth the price?
Well, I think that Marc Jacobs palette was pretty expensive while being comparable to other palettes, however, I bought that on sale. So, for a palette I spent my own money only to take it home and be disappointed I would have to give it to ELF. I know that ELF palettes are cheap but money is still money!

9. Of the palettes you own which 1 palette was worth every penny?
I want to say either Naked Basic 1 or A Few of my Favorite Things.

10. In the last 12 months how many palettes have you given away or returned?
I gave away two palettes.

11. If for some reason one morning you woke up and all of you palettes vanished, which 3 palettes would you run out and get?
Assuming that the rules are I cannot get any of my L.E. palettes I would say the Chocolate Bar palette, the Tartlette Pallette, (it is pretty new but I am loving it like I knew I would!) and the Naked Basics 1.

That's the tag! I have to say I did not realize I liked the Naked Basic as much as I do! It is just a nice palette that can pull together a nice "put-together" look without a lot of work. Also, doing this tag made me want to do makeup even though it is 1:30 in the morning. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

reading diversity 2014

Okay, so early in 2014 I mentioned this was something I wanted to focus on reading more diversity after my last year of reading for the most part white authors, so to recap this was my 2013 reading year in terms of diversity. (This can be found at on this blog in January of 2014).

Total books read: 65
Female authors:32 (49%)
Male authors: 33 (51%)

Asian authors : 2 (3%)
African American: 1* (1.5%)
Hispanic: 1 (1.5%)
First Nation : 1 (1.5%)
Persian: 2 (3%)
White: 56* (86%)
Unknown: 3  (5%)

This year my reading had even more different categories, which is a step in the right direction, however, even still the majority of my books were focused on white authors again. I hope to continue the trend of reading more diversely in the number of different races that I read - but I would also like to read more books by authors that are not white.

This is how my year broke down in 2014:
Total books read : 50
 Female authors: 25 (50%)
Male authors : 20 (40%)
Books written by people of both genders: 5 (10%)

Asian authors: 4 (8%)
African American: 3 (6%)
Hispanic: 1 (2%)
Indian: 1 (2%)
First Nations: 2 (4%)
White:  30 (60%)
Unknown/written together with people of different races: 6 (12%)

So in 2014 authors that written solely by people who are non-white making up about 18% of my overall reading year which is much better than 8.5 % of last year. However, at 60% white authors make up the group with the largest percent and the vast majority of my reading. Thus in 2015 I want to continue to read more authors that are not white.

 Last year (2014) I read some new authors that I had not tried before (Thomas King, Toni Morrison - although I did not finish Beloved in 2014 but I am currently working on it) and in 2015 I want to continue looking into their work. Also I have been branching into more works by older favorites (I have been reading the Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie short stories on and off), I think the more I read diversity the more authors I am being introduced too that I want to read and the easier it is to read diversity. I have a couple of authors lined up for 2015 that I want to get more into (Sherman Alexie being a big one, I have two of his books, one short story one long that I want to get to) and I want to read Lawrence Hill after reading his short essay to read his novel (in American I think it's called the Wind Knows my Name, although in Canada the book is called the Book of the Negroes- and since I am Canadian that is the book I own). Plus after finally being able to track it down (and being pointed to Wells on more than a couple times) I have the Invisible Man by Ellison that I am really interested in reading. All in all I am excited for reading in 2015! Happy New Years :)