Friday, January 23, 2015

Palette Tag!

Hey, lovely readers! Since my last post I have decided to join "5 before Spring" or the "10 pan project" I mention both because I am currently doing something in the middle. I am trying to finish up ten items, (3 done!) but at the same time I am still buying makeup. However, I am still attempting "low-buy until Spring", but that is vague enough to mean anything. Anyways, I took this tag from Jen Luv's reviews palette collection video! Here's the questions:

1. How many makeup palettes do you have?
I am counting the palettes with four or more (not counting trios) about twenty three.

2. How many of those are eyeshadow palettes ?

The vast majority are eye shadows. The actual number of palettes is 20.

3. How many are non eyeshadow palettes ?
Simple math shows us the answer is 3. Those are all cheek palettes.

4. What are you top 3 favorite palettes?
A Few of my Favorite Things, Naked Basic 1, Chocolate Palette 1, I am all about those neutral colours.

5. What are your palette regrets?
Well, whatever that palette I bought at IMATS was called because I literally never used it. I probably could say my BH cosmetic palette since I ended up giving them away because makeup goes bad and I wasn't using it. Also, my ELF palettes because the payoff was pretty hit-or-miss.

6. How many limited edition or Holiday palettes do you own?

7. How many of your palettes are custom?
None, I don't even have a z- palette!

8. Of the palettes you own which 1 palette would you say wasn't worth the price?
Well, I think that Marc Jacobs palette was pretty expensive while being comparable to other palettes, however, I bought that on sale. So, for a palette I spent my own money only to take it home and be disappointed I would have to give it to ELF. I know that ELF palettes are cheap but money is still money!

9. Of the palettes you own which 1 palette was worth every penny?
I want to say either Naked Basic 1 or A Few of my Favorite Things.

10. In the last 12 months how many palettes have you given away or returned?
I gave away two palettes.

11. If for some reason one morning you woke up and all of you palettes vanished, which 3 palettes would you run out and get?
Assuming that the rules are I cannot get any of my L.E. palettes I would say the Chocolate Bar palette, the Tartlette Pallette, (it is pretty new but I am loving it like I knew I would!) and the Naked Basics 1.

That's the tag! I have to say I did not realize I liked the Naked Basic as much as I do! It is just a nice palette that can pull together a nice "put-together" look without a lot of work. Also, doing this tag made me want to do makeup even though it is 1:30 in the morning. 

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