Monday, April 27, 2015

The Liebster Award Tag

Hello! I have done this tag, but I got tagged again (by the same person XD!) So, here it is! The idea is one makes up questions, then tags someone else to do the questions, and then that person writes new questions and tags people etc. etc. Here are the questions I was tagged with!

1.      What lipstick are you wearing right now? (Or what is the last lipstick you wore, if you aren't wearing one right now) I don't know if it counts as a lipstick, but a Sugar Lip in Sugar Petal Tint.

2.      Is blogging/vlogging a dream job for you, or it is just a hobby? To be honest it isn’t really even much of a hobby. I blog mostly to myself about anything that I am particularly interested in (makeup/books/games), and only because I feel like it; there is little to no consistence on my blog other than things I like when I feel like writing about them.

3.      What is the best book you read recently? (Or, if nothing stands out, what was the last book you read?) I’ll answer both. My favorite recent read is War of the Worlds, while I know the story, it was nothing like I expected it to be (and it turns out I didn’t even really know the story anyway!) My last book –and it was a perfectly nice book—was Parnassus on Wheels.

4.      How would you define your fashion style? Like fun-lazy-professional. I like to look put together; for example, I like having an outfit that makes sense. I am calling it “professional” because I am trying to have my looks look more adult, so I try to wear less oversize hoodies and t-shirts with saying and jeans. That said I am calling it fun because I still wear that stuff when I want to, and I have a lot of pieces that are just fun to wear like sundresses, poncho, and flower pants <3! I am calling it lazy because a lot of the time jeans and a t-shirt is still what I wear because it’s easy and I don’t have to think about it much.

5.      Android or iOS? (Or Windows phone... lol!) Windows phone ha! I have an Andriod. 

6.      Do you use Reddit? Yup.

7.      What is your favourite video or computer game, and what do you play it on? (Or what is your favourite phone/board game, if that's how you do.) I like my steam platform and I like gaming on the PC. My favorite game is hard to choose I did love The Raven.

8.      Do you read more blogs, or watch more YouTubers? Watch more youtubers.

9.      What is one thing you think people should know about you? I am not sure there is anything people should know about me? Maybe, that’s something they should know about me?
10.  Would you rather stop buying makeup, or stop buying clothes? Makeup, because it goes bad and I have a lot, whereas clothes do not (although I guess they go out of style if you get something that’s a current fad.)
11.  What is your favourite TV show? Game of Thrones, Friends, As Time Goes By ( I want to rewatch that)! 

I choose not to do questions, nor tag people because that seems like a lot of work for nobody to answer them! XD 

Friday, April 17, 2015

No-Make-up Makeup tag

So, I saw this makeup tag and I wanted to do it! While I realize that this tag is suppose to be in the Youtube Media, I thought I would do it anyways. You can imagine, right?

1. Scouts honor that you aren't wearing any makeup :)
Yup, although this is usually where you are suppose to show off your bare-face, but oh well.

2. What is one makeup product you can not live without?
Foundation, followed shortly by conceler. My face is acne-prone, and while I do a lot to try to combat this, I find my face breaks out, especially hormonally. Thus, I feel like I need foundation on those "bad skin days" in order to cover up. 

3. What is one makeup product you can live without?
Well, I could say false lashes because I never use them anyways, but if you want one product from my core -use-everyday- kinda makeup, then I would say I could live without mascara. The reason being my eyelashes (like my hair) are quite dark, thus I wouldn't feel the most "undone" without that step. This is also because, if I use foundation, I feel like I need highlighter/blush/ to bring colour back to my face. Although,  I would still notice that it isn't on, though!  

4. Do you feel confident without makeup on?
Depends. On good skin days I don't really care (aka I don't feel confident or not confident, it's just a thing). Whereas, on bad days that is almost completely opposite; I feel like my face looks terrible, and that I feel self-conscious about it! 

5. Which part of your face do you like the most?
Hm, well, I like my eyebrows, at least in this current trend, they are there, but without being too thick, which makes them really easy to do. I like the shape of my nose --weird as that sounds-- because I think it is slender and straight. Furthermore, I feel like I have always disliked the colour of my eyes, but I am finally (probably due to makeup, and showing them off with the best coloured eyeshadow) I am beginning to accept and enjoy (?) my brown eyes. :) (I know you only asked for one, but I guess the rest are freebies!) 

6. Where is one place you will never go without makeup on?
This is tough because it is is a  good skin day I am pretty lazy about going places with makeup. I will say going fashion or makeup shows (like IMATS), or when we are going out to celebrate a birthday or holiday I try to look nicer.  BUT, on a bad skin day, I would say to go to school or out with my friends because these are my peers, and I want to look good.

7. Where is one place you can go without makeup on?
Good skin: School/store/to other people's houses/my house...etc. Bad skin: almost nowhere, I won't go out without makeup, unless I had to, in which case I guess I would go maybe to get the mail or to grab groceries, but that's about it.

8. Would you rather go without makeup for a week? or let your boyfriend do your makeup for an entire week?
Again, it depends: good skin week I would just go without. Bad skin week I would choose to have my SO do really simple makeup. Therefore, I would pick having my husband do my makeup just in case!

So, there you go, my makeup habits are apparently pretty dictated by my skin, but I suppose that makes sense!

Hope you enjoyed <3~