Friday, April 17, 2015

No-Make-up Makeup tag

So, I saw this makeup tag and I wanted to do it! While I realize that this tag is suppose to be in the Youtube Media, I thought I would do it anyways. You can imagine, right?

1. Scouts honor that you aren't wearing any makeup :)
Yup, although this is usually where you are suppose to show off your bare-face, but oh well.

2. What is one makeup product you can not live without?
Foundation, followed shortly by conceler. My face is acne-prone, and while I do a lot to try to combat this, I find my face breaks out, especially hormonally. Thus, I feel like I need foundation on those "bad skin days" in order to cover up. 

3. What is one makeup product you can live without?
Well, I could say false lashes because I never use them anyways, but if you want one product from my core -use-everyday- kinda makeup, then I would say I could live without mascara. The reason being my eyelashes (like my hair) are quite dark, thus I wouldn't feel the most "undone" without that step. This is also because, if I use foundation, I feel like I need highlighter/blush/ to bring colour back to my face. Although,  I would still notice that it isn't on, though!  

4. Do you feel confident without makeup on?
Depends. On good skin days I don't really care (aka I don't feel confident or not confident, it's just a thing). Whereas, on bad days that is almost completely opposite; I feel like my face looks terrible, and that I feel self-conscious about it! 

5. Which part of your face do you like the most?
Hm, well, I like my eyebrows, at least in this current trend, they are there, but without being too thick, which makes them really easy to do. I like the shape of my nose --weird as that sounds-- because I think it is slender and straight. Furthermore, I feel like I have always disliked the colour of my eyes, but I am finally (probably due to makeup, and showing them off with the best coloured eyeshadow) I am beginning to accept and enjoy (?) my brown eyes. :) (I know you only asked for one, but I guess the rest are freebies!) 

6. Where is one place you will never go without makeup on?
This is tough because it is is a  good skin day I am pretty lazy about going places with makeup. I will say going fashion or makeup shows (like IMATS), or when we are going out to celebrate a birthday or holiday I try to look nicer.  BUT, on a bad skin day, I would say to go to school or out with my friends because these are my peers, and I want to look good.

7. Where is one place you can go without makeup on?
Good skin: School/store/to other people's houses/my house...etc. Bad skin: almost nowhere, I won't go out without makeup, unless I had to, in which case I guess I would go maybe to get the mail or to grab groceries, but that's about it.

8. Would you rather go without makeup for a week? or let your boyfriend do your makeup for an entire week?
Again, it depends: good skin week I would just go without. Bad skin week I would choose to have my SO do really simple makeup. Therefore, I would pick having my husband do my makeup just in case!

So, there you go, my makeup habits are apparently pretty dictated by my skin, but I suppose that makes sense!

Hope you enjoyed <3~


  1. Lol, we're completely opposite on the mascara thing! And on basics in general, actually... I could do without the skin stuff most days. I wouldn't be happy, but I could do it as long as I had my mascara!

    1. Haha! Yeah, the skin gods have blessed you XD! But really, its kinda interesting that your "nope, never" is my "meh" and vice versa!