Thursday, June 4, 2015


So, those of you who have been watching my blog for a while know that I have been trying to destash/use up a lot of my makeup. I started taking pictures of the makeup I used up so that I could keep track. Now that I have a bit of a list I thought I would share that list along with my thoughts - if I have any. Yup, it is pretty much your average empties video in a blog like setting (although, I imagine there are blog empties too, I just have not seen them.) This is my list starting from the end of last year. Going more or less chronologically:

 I really enjoyed this lotion enough that I bought it again in the tub, which I share with Sean. It is really great for moisturizing, although I will admit it is far more used in the winter (when I finished this) than in the summer (which it currently is). I have repurchased.
 This moisturizer  is decent. I like it enough, I do not think it is anything outstanding, but it does the job. On days where my skin is feeling particularly dry I used Nars Skin mask, which is really nice, but the Sephora one is okay for every night use. I repurchased it because I haven't found something I like as much for the same or less than the amount of the Sephora's one.
 I would not repurchase this! It is terribly greasy. I did not notice a lasting different, which is probably why I used up bought of these I bought fairly easily (it was a buy one get one deal thing). I much prefer the "Ultra Repair Lip Therapy" from First Aid Beauty (can you tell I bought myself a kit of First Aid Beauty from Sephora? Though for the record I don't really care for their cleanser)
 Another decent item. This came in one of my subscription boxes before I cancelled all of them (tired of receiving lackluster samples). It was fine while it lasted and I used it all up, but now that it is gone I do not find myself missing it. I am currently using the ELF eyebrow kit, which works just as well, and is likely cheaper. I would consider repurchasing this at a discount price.
 I liked this well enough while I had it, but I am liking my current primer more. I am currently using the Too Faced RX repair, which has a nice, if not a bit over the top, coconut smell coupled with a nice texture. The Smashbox one was silicone feeling. I did not dislike the texture, but for the same price I rather like the smell and texture of the Too Faced one, especially since I do not notice a different in the wear time of my makeup. It was difficult to get the last little bit of primer out of this, but I did manage. I would consider repurchasing at a discounted price.
 This is a sample size of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I loved this! I thought it made my lashes long and defined! I am not sure it is worth the expensive price tag, especially when contrasted with good mascaras at the drugstore, but I enjoyed this and have two backup samples from 100 point perk at Sephora! Would repurchase at a discounted price, may repurchase it at full price!
 This hand cream as a hand cream worked like a charm. I felt it was moisturizing; however, I could not get over the smell! This hand cream smells strongly of baby powder. I kept this in my schoolbag and for this reason I went through it, as it is only a sample size, but I did not enjoy the scent. I did repurchase this in the large size, but I got the lavender scent instead, which is lovely.  
I think this perfume was limited edition around last Spring, but I did enjoy the scent. The downside to this perfume is it had no staying power and over the day it would fade. However, to be fair, this perfume was small enough it did fit in my bag, if I wanted to bring it along. I could not repurchase it, even if I wanted to.

This was pretty good! I noticed that my makeup seemed to last longer with this than without this. However, I am not sure how much it is better than other setting sprays. I am currently trying the NYX "dewy finish" which I do not have an opinion on yet. I would consider repurchasing it!

Well that is everything! I hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. Excuse me while I comment on all the things:

    1. I really want to try first aid beauty, everyone loves it so much!

    2.Yeah, the Sephora moisturizer is only meh. I decided to try other things instead of giving it another go, though.

    3. The keihls lip balm is really just glorified Vaseline...

    4.the chella brow stuff was nice, like all skinny pencils, but they all go so fast!

    5. Really? I love the smell of the original l'occitane hand cream! I had the lavander first, but that scent crazy gets on my nerves sometimes, but I always love the original. To each their own, I suppose.

  2. 1) Yeh so far I've liked most of the FAB products, especially the lip therapy thing. I think FAB usually has a set of their best products for like $50 if you ever wanted to try out like 4-5 of their things.

    2) Tell me if you find anything better. Buying this mozituzer for me is more habit than anything else!

    3) Yup. What a waste.

    4) That is true it only took a couple of months to use it all up.

    5) I feel like based on your comment that L'occitane scent may be the important factor for enjoying this product. I mean I find it hydrates my hands nicely, but I won't use it often if I dislike the overpowering smell.