Thursday, June 18, 2015

Steam Sale Summer Edition

Hello Readers!
I thought I would do a quick post about the games I have bought this summer sale. It is worth mentioning that each sale I tend to buy fewer and fewer games, I mean there are only so many games one person can possible play! My Steam library is up to, in impressive display of capitalism,  223 games. I have beaten 29 games and I am currently playing 31 (in that I am including games that cannot be "won").  That means I have played or beaten 60 games, or about 27% of my entire playlist, which is not that impressive, oh well.

Although, I would also like the add, if you will, that I bought 15 games knowing I would never play them. In my first sale, the Summer Sale of 2012, there was a  pack of 30 games I bought. The 15 of the 30 being cheaper in the pack than individual. So, really I've played 29% of my games; a number I think we all can agree is much more impressive.

Anyways, now that I have thoroughly defended my spending habits before sharing them. These are the games I picked up this Summer Sale. I am also included games gifted to me in this wrap-up!

Games I bought myself:
-Windosill - This game I have actually finished, and it was cute and charming; however, I paid like 2.50$ for it and I beat it in about half an hour. I mean it's a cute game, but still I wish it had just a bit more content!

-Testament of Sherlock Holmes

- Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
I said this before last sale. I just really want to be a detective, clearly. Recently, in particular, I have been looking for either a good mystery game or book. I am in the mood to solve mysteries!

- Apotheon - This is a side scrolling game that has really cool "Greek" artwork and style. I am not really sure it is my type of game, since I don't really do side scrollers with combat, but the art and the story made me really want to play this!

- Gunpoint & Please Don't Touch Anything - two different cheap puzzle games. I like puzzle games. Although, I am currently a little "puzzled" out. I played about an hour worth of Please Don't Touch Anything. Good, puzzle game, reminded me of the "Room" looking and playing with everything.

So, that's all so far I have bought myself now for the games I was given!
 -Space Engineers - Exactly what it sounds like. You are in Space and you are Engineering things.
-The Talos Principal - Sean got it for me because it is a) my type of game and b) was both in my wishlist and on a daily deal. This is like a philosophical puzzle game. I hope it is like Antichamber.

 - Dino D-day - A joke from Sean.

- A Story of my Uncle- This looks like an interesting little exploring game. Not really sure about this, but it looks fun and was about $2. I swear, PC games are a good bang for you buck. I mean there isn't that many things I can spend about 2.50$ and have like 3-4 hours of entertainment.  

Whew, that was long and in depth look of my gaming habits of the last bit! :D


  1. I laughed really hard at the defending paragraphs :-P

  2. That's good! It means about 100% of my readership is amused with this blog post XP!