Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award tag

Tagged by Kristy, I figured I would give this tag a go! Firstly, here are the rules:  list 7 random facts about myself, and to tag others to do the tag. The recommended number is 15, but I won't do that many because I am rebellious like that.

1) I own a lot of books about grammar. This is not because I am a grammar person, rather the opposite, but the fact remains that I have like 8 of them.

2) Going off of Kristy's tag, I know a lot of people who hate tomatoes (or are unable to eat them) like higher than people would think statistically  possible basing on a (somewhat) random (albeit small) sample size of the population!

3) I enjoyed my stats class because I like stats. I think it is really cool how we --as humans-- can take random bits of information that we know to be true and to use a system of logic to infer likelihoods and predictions on all sorts of stuff.

4) I am quickly running out of space on my bookshelf. It just there is SO much I want to read, and so little physical space to put everything! (Before you say "you should go to the library", dear reader, realize I do and these are the books that I felt I needed to own on top of the ones I get out of the lib!)

5) I really want a gaming computer. I have a lot of games on steam (look, I just like stories, okay?), but because my computer isn't what it used to be, I cannot play some of them without either huge lag, or just my computer crashing in rebellion.

6) A couple authors I want to try are : Waugh, Boyden, Gedge, Diaz, and Ishiguro.

7) I have almost completely finished a full sized perfume. I am oddly impressed with myself. 

Well, that's all my "random" facts! I don't really have anybody to tag, so I am going to do the easy thing "I tag anybody who want to do it". :) 

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