Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nailhur review update~

So, I decided to paste my nails back and try them on for a couple of days. Here's just a few things I want to add to the original post.

I tried painting the nails (as it says you can). I did not want to remove the original colour of the nail polish, so I just painted over top. This was the result:




I put a topcoat on my nails, but I am not sure that you have to do that. The nail polish did not seem to budge once placed on the nail and in the four days I wore the days, the polish did not chip. Whether  that is due to the nails themselves, or to my nail polish I do not know.

The second thing I wanted to mentioned is an update on the things I go used to doing. This was pretty much everything, except manipulating little things, and typing. It was difficult to put on/take off earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. It was also very difficult to game and type. The difficultly lies in how a keyboard is layout.  A keyboard has little spaces between the letters, and when a key is pressed down on it moves the keys below the other ones (obviously). This leaves a little gap where the nail point could fit and become stuck momentarily. This made it hard to type quickly, or to game on the computer, with accuracy. However, I think this would not be a problem with an Apple computer based on how their keyboard is laid out.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is removing the nails. After wearing them for a couple of days, I found the removing the nails to be much easier. It was still a bit of a battle, but it took me about 10 minutes. The nails underneath, however, were very weak; I've since cut them and cover them in Nail Envy.

Overall, I really liked how these nails looked before and after I painted them. Everywhere I went I received compliments on them, but they are a bit of a nuisance; however, I think they are a fun add-on to put on when you want to add a little more glam! :)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Nailhur nail review "Samantha"

So, this is a little review post I am doing on my blog. Mostly because I can, and I have things to say.

Nailhur, to begin with, is a brand of press-on nails. I tend not to try press-on nails because after using acrylic nails my natural nails felt so weak, unlike prior to acrylics, that I was turned off of "fake nails". However, I was interested in these nails because they came in an unusual style: stiletto nails.
Sharp and pointy at the end; much like a stiletto.

I want to begin with the price. It seems like these nails retail for 40$, but since I bought these nails (like a month ago) to now they have had a sale placing them at $14. It also seems like the sale number is sale 65, so my guess is they are usually around 14$, or else not too hard to find them on sale. They come in packaging like this.

14$ seems like a fair price, although shipping will of course add onto that depending on where you live. Now onto the actual nails themselves. These nails are really cool, and really cumbersome. When I first put them on I was surprised how easily I could text (the side of my fingers) and maneuver the remote control, and generally get around; however, I found that tasks felt more "annoying" with these nails slowing me down. See, I tried these nails on during a day of "chores" to see how they felt before taking them on the road. I found that typing on the computer, for me, was really difficult. I can type pretty fast and accurate (I like to think), but with these nails on I just had misspelled word after mistake. Also, if you read any of my blog post you'll know I like to game and I just would not be able to with these nails on, without some practice first. I also found that chores like cooking were harder (I nearly cut off the edge of the nail because I didn't take it into consideration when I was cutting up vegetables). These issues probably could be overcome with practice, though. However, that being said I think I would wear these on a special occasion- a night out where all I have to do is drink and talk.

One more word of caution I have to give these is the glue used. The glue is really good. In so much you must be careful about where you are putting the nail. I accidentally got the side of my cuticle stuck and it pinched until I was able to get it off. And getting it off is not easy! I followed Nailhur's instructions of how to remove the nail and it still took close to 35 minutes of struggling to get my fingers out of the nails. I submerged my hands the entire time and did the pulling off thing they suggest, but it was a real battle to get them off! Also, it pulled off a bit of my natural nail where the glue had been.

So how did they actually look?

Well, in the Samantha's you can potentially see the glue in the clear sections, but even still I think they look amazing, and even if they are a bit high maintenance, I would still wear them again! :)