Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Empties! (Spring- Summer)


So, I finished a couple more things since my last update. I wanted to wait until I finished up my foundation (it's on its last legs), but I thought that would take a while (probably another month), and I didn't want to wait that long! So, let's do the same thing as last time! :)

So this product has some pretty sad packaging (I cut it open to get out the last little bit),but I think it shows how much I liked it! I found this made my lips feel great and hydrated, which is even more important as we head into winter months. This lip balm also did not feel sticky, nor greasy; this may be because the lip product is petroleum-free.  I have already repurchase it!

This face cream, along with the lip balm, I got in a winter set last year (around December). So, while it doesn't look very large I think it lasted me a fairly well. I ended up loving this face cream. It is not very thick, but I liked that. It sunk into the skin easily, and I felt that it did a good job. I haven't repurchases this yet, but that is because I have a Sephora moisturizer I have to use up first. After I use the Sephora one, I intend to purchase this again! 

 I got this last year on Black Friday, so I loved this for how much I paid ($15). It foamed up nicely and left my face feeling clean! It had a nice scent and a useful dispenser (that I stole for another one of my cleansers). However, I am currently using a cleanser that is supposed to be for acne-prone skin, so I am not sure I would repurchase this one again- only because it did not help my acne (although, it didn't seem to cause me to break out or anything of that manner!)

 I loved the scent on the Wild Passion Flower hand cream (left)! The White Citrus scent was good at first, but I felt I was kind of sick of it by the end (right). This hand cream, but it left my hands feel greasy, and the product did not sink into very well. I felt that this hand cream left my hands smelling great, but I wasn't overly impressed by the moisturizing qualities of this. It was okay, I think I would repurchase my favorite scents again if there were a good deal, but otherwise I am happy with my L'occiatane. I feel that the with the L'occiatane you pay more and get less product, but it works so well the first time that I do not need to reapply often, but then my hands are not overly dry usually.

First, I finished a perfume! I love this scent! My husband got this for me about two or three valentines back, so I think it had a good amount of product in it! (I did not use the perfume everyday, though). I am happy that I had it, but I am happy I used it up, so I can explore different perfumes to wear! I have a couple other ones that I am using, but I don't really have a lot of perfumes. I would consider repurchasing this in the future, once I have tried some other ones.

That's all my empties I have used up in the last couple of months. I may have another one up sooner rather than later, because I am almost out of my powder, foundation, setting spray and one of my go-to lipstick lately. (Seriously, everything is running out at the same time!) Hope you enjoyed! :)