Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More Empties you say?!

Hey! This is going to be a slight adding onto my last post. The reason why I don't just add this post on is because that would make the other post super long. Besides, I don't think anybody will be too concerned about how I make my blog posts XD!

So, like I said everything was running out, so here's the three things that ran out right after making that post!

1) Dove Body Wash:

This body wash was nice enough to use, but I don't really have any strong feelings about it. It is supposed to be hydrating, but I never really felt that; however, I never felt that it was drying either. The one thing I really did like about it was the smell. I think it smelled nice (and by virtue of using it) I smelled nice. I would repurchase (actually, I already did because there was a great deal on these 2.99 per bottle). I thought it worked alright, and it smelled nice.

2) NAKED foundation - Urban Decay

I liked this foundation. I thought it had pretty good lasting power and coverage. The colour seemed to match more or less to my skin. The coverage wasn't over the top it was more a medium coverage. If I wanted (or needed) any extra coverage I just went over it with my Nars concealer.  Overall, I was pretty happy using this. However, since I am --apparently-- fickle with foundations I decided when it ran out to try the Makeup Forever one. Although, I probably would repurchase this one again.

3) "Ance" Brush head for the Clarisonic.
These brush heads are all the same. It seems to me the "soft" over has a lot of give to it, but every other brush head in the line is the same brush head with different colouring. I guess I would repurchase, but I doubt which colour I choose makes much of a difference.

4) OPI's Nail Envy

This is one of the best base coat I've used! I find it does do a good job of making a base for the nail polish. I don't know if it does strengthen my nails because I have always had pretty strong nails without anything like this, but it certainly didn't hurt! I don't know if I will repurchase this just because it is rather expensive, and I think that I probably don't need it and could use any base coat, but if you have weak nails it's probably worth a shot.

5) *Not Pictured* Nyx "dewy" setting spray.

I liked this spray for taking away the powedery look of my face. However, I felt that it didn't really cause my makeup to last any longer, or really do anything else than to make my face look less powedery. I doubt I'll repurchase unless I find myself looking really cakey or powedery. I did purchase the Loreal setting spray, which was 18$ for a drug store! If I do not like that one, I may come back to my Urban Decay, which is currently my favorite ones out of the ones I have used (Nyx, Urban Decay, and Elf).

That's all I have for you guys today! Hope you have a nice day :)

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