Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Hello world!
So I decided I wanted to talk about masks today. Not really for any reason. I just like them. I thought I might as well talk about my favorite masks. I know skin is so subjective, so I just want to say these are the ones that work for me (also one that did not).

Okay! So I don't use a lot of different masks because my skin is only so-so; therefore, to keep my skin on the happy side of so I try to be very particular about what I put on my face, especially skincare. So I use about 4 masks with any sort of regularity, two in particular. I use two for cleaning/removing oil, and two for adding moisture. There are two I use way more often, and two that I have been trying out/using now and again.

My favorite by far in this category is the "First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask with Red Clay". The entire mask is a red film that goes on wet, then dries to be pulled off. I don't know if it is the pulling off or what, but I really feel like I can see a difference, and I can definitely feel a difference! Just a tip with this mask: use a healthy amount to put all over otherwise there will not be enough product to be pulled off  (which isn't the worst, just wash it off, but I think the pulling does help this product out).

The second one is new to me. It is the Glamglow in  "powermud". I know that some people find this mask irritating, so I would go in with caution; although I would like to add that most mask that aim to clean pores and all that other good stuff can be irritating, but it just may be that more people have heard of/tried glamglow. Regardless, I have heard that complaint fairly often. But, I do not find that on my skin. To me  it gives a nice tingle, and my skin is softer and seems less greasy. I like it. Also,I noticed on the website, it seems that there isn't a real different between the price point on the different size jars, the larger one just holding more product. I got two small ones to try out, and it may have the added benefit of not drying out as fast? Who knows.

Okay, my by far favorite in this category is the NARS SKIN aqua gel luminous. I noticed that this seems to be out of stock on sephora and has been for a bit? I hope it isn't discontinued. I love this mask, espicailly in the winter months. It just seems to work. You can put it on for a bit, or leave it in all night and wash it off in the morning. It seems a lot of product for how much is used. Although, that could be just because I don't get dry skin as often! I don't know!

The second I hardly every use because I am using the first one is the FAB oatmeal mask. It's fine, it seems to do the job well enough, but I prefer the feeling and the results of the nars one better!

Sheet masks. Well, that's a little quick, I tried my first one two nights ago. I hated the feeling of it on my skin! It is a weird goopy, wet, clamy mess that sits on the face. Also, I felt that it didn't stay very well so I had to kinda sit back in an odd way. Because I do not choose how much product there is, I felt there was too much stuff on the mask and therefore my face. I got a set of 3 for 13 dollars, so I will try out the other two (I tried out the Pearl Sephora mask, by the way). I doubt I will like them better because I do not like the feeling, but we shall see. The added benefit of surprising my husband with the mask almost made up for the wetness though!

Added note: I ended up liking the Sephora Rose sheet mask; although, I think I would still prefer an application mask. 


  1. Haha, did you freak him out? Sheet masks are a little odd, but I liked the one I tried. They do slip off, but you're kinda supposed to lay back and relax while it works. I've never tried any of those other masks, but the FAB ones both sound pretty good. I didn't know the red clay one was a peel off mask!

    1. Ha! He was gaming and I asked a question (knowing full well he would turn around) then he answered, did a doubletake and ask me what happened to my face. XP! I feel like I could get behind sheet masks more if they were not so cold. Yeah I like FAB beauty, there favorite set I got on Boxing Day turned out to have a lot of stuff I liked. Although, I am pretty ambivalent about their cleanser.