Sunday, March 6, 2016

My favorite lip colours!

Hello world! So I decided to do a blog on my favorite lip colours. I kinda just pulled them at random, and there happened to be 10. How serendipitous! Onto the lip stuff! This is in no order other than these are my favorite from my rather disconcertingly large lip collection!

1) Relvon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart.

 I have used a lot of this lip product. It seems to be one that I love to wear in the warmer months, especially in spring time. It gives a nice pink colours with some shine. It is a bit of a fun colour by the fact it is noticeably pink, but I find that it is just a nice pink colour that is easy to wear. I think it makes a fun playful choice!

 2) Relvon Kissable Balm Stain in Honey.

 This is just the simplest lip colour to throw on. It is a "my lips but better" colour on me, for sure! I put this on when I want to wear something to give a bit of colour, but I do not know what to choose. I think it is affordable, not only because it is from the drugstore, but the fact the user gets SO MUCH lip colour. I have used this so often and it still has probably half of the tube left in it!

 3) Bareminerals Plum Pop.

This is just a pretty sheer red that hints on purple. I love it. I love how sheer, yet glossy this colour comes out. This is a travel size, but I bought the full size afterwards. One, because the travel size has very little in it, but second, because it is an easy colour to wear. I just love sheer lipsticks.

4) Hourglass- Icon

Now something completely different. A bold red lip. I love how well this lip colour stays on. I think that the price is a bit excessive for the size, but the formula makes it up for me. I find that it doesn't really move on me, and so I don't have to worry about it. However, it doesn't make me lips feel really dehydrated or chalky. I think it looks nice, and I guess the tiny size makes it easier to put into my purse.

5) Bareminerals Moxie- Speak your mind.

This is another one that is just easy to wear. It is a medium pink colour that seems to go with anything. I like it because it really pulls a look together for me. It is just a nice colour to wear, and the formula is decent. I don't find myself reapplying often, but once and a while I do need to. This was a travel size, but I did buy the fullsize afterwards.

 6) Nars Angelika

 Now, I am going to preface this by saying I love lipgloss. I think its easy and fun and gives a bit of colour. However, I hate stickiness. I think Nars' lipglosses do a good job of being not being noticeably sticky. To me the texture comes off as more of a slick feeling. Others might not like that either, but I do not mind it. It is once again an easy pink to wear. I love wearing this in the spring and summer. I use it so much, yet it seems to have a lot left, so that makes me happy!

 7) YSL 5 Fuchsia in Excess.

 Look another sheer lipstick. I love this lipstick. It has a lot of colour, but in a sheered out way that makes me love it. It has the crazy bright pinky-red, but its sheered out so that it comes across as a pretty stain. I just love the way this looks. It is definitely there, and you can see the colour, yet it still has a reserved quality that I like.

 8) Nars Gipsy

I just love this colour. It is a sheer red. Apparently I like sheer colours, okay? I love that this red is sheered out enough that I feel like I can wear it anywhere. Not that I cannot wear a bold red anywhere. Its just if I wear a bold red I like to be dressed up. If I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt I tend to downplay my makeup to suit the "look". However, this red transcends the look spectrum. If I feel super casual I will still throw on this lipstick for a nice red that's there, but understated.

 9) Mac - Cream Cup

Another easy to wear pink. I love the soft colour, and I think the formula is good as well. I have not had this one long, but I can see it being a very "workhorse" lipstick for me. Just something to wear when I am not sure what to wear, but I want to pull a look together. Also, these colours look good no matter what I have decided to do on the lids or the face.

 10) Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Fig.

 Although I only have one of these colours on my top ten, these type of purple-pinks are some of my favorite colours. When I decide I want a fun lip I grab from my purple-pink pile. I love this colour, and the forumula is pretty decent. Once again I do not find myself over reapplying, but I get about 4 hours of wear; less if I eat. I also think this colour can work for any type of season/weather, if you are into keeping track of that kinda thing, I think the "fun" purple colour works for Spring/Summer, and the darker hue works for Fall/Winter.

Well those are all my favorites. I definitely seem to have  a "type". I love my neutral lipsticks, my sheer lipsticks, and my reds. That is not to say I do not have other lipsticks. I have red-oranges that I wear sometimes (Nars Lana is my go-to), and I have dark lip colours that I break out once in a while (Nars Charlotte), even some "odd" colours (Mac's Film Noir). However, for the everyday what-should-I-wear, I tend to stick to these colours because I just love the way they look, feel, and last on me!


  1. Girly, most of these are high end, not mid-range... >_> Unless you're calling high-end mid-range?

  2. Haha! Yeah, that's true. Originally I was going to have the Marc Jacobs in it, so it would be 2 high end, two drugstore, and 8 mid range, but now its only one high end XD!

    1. I personally consider almost everything on this list high-end.

  3. First, totally read your first comment incorrectly. Secondly, Yeah, I wasn't sure what people counted as "mid-range" or "high end". Personally, I would count Nars as somewhere in the middle, --same with MAC--, but Bareminerals, and Too faced I probably would put them in mid-range because they are crazy expensive.