Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Empties!

Hello! So I was a bit overdue for an empties. A lot of this stuff is skincare, but I did finish off three makeup items as well!


I really ended up liking this. I am not entirely sure how well it worked, because I didn't notice a significant difference, but I loved the way it smelled, and how it felt on the skin. It was smooth and it absorbed nicely. My makeup seemed not to last any longer than with other primers I've tried, but I never wear makeup without primer, so it may last longer than makeup would have on skin alone. This also had a nice little pump; however, the pump had no way of feeding the primer into itself, so when no more came out I thought it was done, but there was quite a bit at the bottom that I noticed when I cut into it to check. I guess that can be fixed by, the next time it is running dry, trying to feed the product down. Therefore, a con of this product would be one cannot see how close it is to done, and there is no easy way to make sure it is finished without cutting it open, that I found. Still, it is a minor issue, and one that is easy to overlook. I have repurchased it.

I won this from Kristy's blog contest, so it was nice to have, but I doubt I would pick it up again. It had a very strong smell. The scent on this one was passable, but the scent on the other one I received, the purple, made it rather unpleasant to use. I also didn't feel like it did much for my lips; I felt it stay on top of the lips superficially adding moisture, while not changing the overall feel of my lips. I won't be repurchasing it.

This is my Holy Grail lip balm. It just works. I described it more in detail in my last empties, but I just love this stuff. It really makes a difference in one's lips. I find it actually locks in moisture and changes my lips at a base level, rather than something I can just put on top. This is my second complete tube, and I will buy another one once I get back from my trip!


I love this stuff as well. I find it wears well on my skin and doesn't crease or cake up too much. I like the overall appearance I get when I use this, and I find I like the consistency. A couple other concealers I've tried I found either too dry, like the NYX one, or too wet, like the glamoflauge one. This was a happy medium, and I think it matches my skin pretty well. I have repurchased it.


I love this eyeliner for its ease of use. I am not particular skilled at eyeliner, but this eyeliner makes it way easier to try to do a winged eye look. I found with this eyeliner I am able to get a nice wing without too much issue. It is likely for someone,with more skills than I have, that this may not add anything to his/her routine, but I love the precision I get with this. I also like that not too much comes out of the brush. I tried the Avon one to practice with, but I found the formula too runny to do anything with, so I gave up until I got this as a sample! I have also heard, from Emily Noel 83 --a beauty youtuber-- that there are a couple drugstore dupes of this that may be worth checking out. I am not sure if the dupes would be available locally, but if so I may repurchase those instead, as for now I have another sample, so I am going to happily use that up!


This is also a sample size. I really enjoyed it! I found it decently hydrating, although I prefer my First Aid Beauty in that regard, but I love the soft red tint it left on my lips. It was a pretty soft hint of colour that I really loved. I tended to wear this both as a proper lip colour out as well as a lip balm for just staying at home. However, that being said, I am not sure about the $28 price tag, as that seems a lot for a lipbalm/treatment even if I sometimes wear it outside of the house, given the FAB is only 15. I probably will not repurchase it, but (you guessed it) I have another sample that I recently got, so I will be using that up happily!

So that is it for my spring empties! I am not sure when my next one will be, but I am almost finished a powder and a foundation, so maybe soon? Who knows! Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My entire perfume collection.

Hello World!
So this is a blog post about my perfume, which I am sure you know because you can read. So let's get into it! I don't have a lot of perfume compared to the other things I have in my collections, mostly lipstick, blush, and eyeshadows being areas of particular interest to me. Although, I mean, I probably have more than a lot of people too, so there is that, I guess. XD Also, I do the whole season-scent thing, so I have a fullsize for each season. :D

 This is my summer perfume! It is a popular pick because it smells like flowers, and it is not too overpowering. I think it smells fresh and fun, which is what I want summer to be! I have used a bit of this, but I got it last year at the beginning of summer, so I have only used a bit.

This is my winter/late fall pick! It has a rich smell that I think compliments the wintertime. It smells warm and a little musky to me? I am not sure if that is the correct scent notes, but there you are.I picked this up at Victoria Secret and was pretty impressed with the scent! I actually got this during the Black Friday sale the year before last, so it was super cheap. I have used about a quarter of this up. I used up my Chanel Chance before this, so that is why it's only a 1/4 gone! One issue I will mention, the mechanism that feeds the perfume into the sprayer (that clear pipe thing)is not long enough to reach the bottom. It only goes about 2/3  of the way down, so I don't know how I am going to get the rest out when moving the bottle around doesn't work anymore.

This is my Spring/Early Fall scent. This is pretty recent purchase for me. I think I got it 4 months ago? But I only just started wearing it, because it has just become spring! I think this smells like cucumbers with some tangy friends. I am not very good at describing scents, this has become apparent, but I think it smells like a kappa roll! <3 I love sushi, and I love to smell like it, I guess. Also, I have a bit of the issue with how superfluous top of this bottle: this perfume only goes up to the edge of the frosted glass, the rest of this bottle just here to look good. It may be that the bigger sizes are filled completely up, but in my bottle the stripes are purely for show.

This isn't a seasonal perfume, but rather my everyday perfume going-to-school perfume. Okay, so the story behind this perfume is that it was sent to me kind of randomly. My friend Kristy went to the Roger and Gellet opening, and they did this huge thing and gave out a lot products to those there. For some reason they decided to send some product to the bloggers' friends. I was a friend of a blogger, so this showed up completely unexpected with a bar (circle?) of soap and some hand cream. Okay, the point of that story was to see I never picked out this scent, so based on that it is not my favorite. It is supposed to be fig, but I think it smells like grapefruit, which is not my favorite scent, but it is a nice fresh scent that I would define as clean and non-invasive. So I wear this everyday because  I don't need to smell great in class, just clean, fresh and not over done, and I think this perfume does that for me, plus I think it is 40$, so I am not too worried about finishing it and buying another.

This is my only deluxe size, I love it! I tend to use it in the fall and winter time. It is a strong smell, but it still smells a bit sweet. I don't think they sell this on the Coach anymore, at least not that I could find.

My newest addition to my collection~! It smells like oranges and musk! I just love this scent. I am planning to take it traveling (as my only perfume), so I will likely up a lot on this trip, since we are going for three weeks, but I just love it! I like this bottle has a proper sprayer, but one doesn't seem to get a lot of liquid for the price, the fullsize is rather expensive, but it may be my next big Sephora purchase, perhaps in November for the VIB sale.

The rollerball of the perfume I mentioned before to try it out. The same things apply to what I said before with an added bonus of being able to throw this in my purse when I wear the other perfume. I mean, I don't, but I could.

I like to try before I commit, what can I say? Same as the perfume in the striped bottle above.

I really like this scent, but I think it is getting kind of old, so I should try to finish it up soon. It is sweet, with an undercurrent of musk, I think. I got this at sephora when they were discounting TokiDoki, so I don't know how easy it is to get this anymore, but I like the scent. The bottle is kinda cute with it's little pink skull thing.

This smell is pretty powerful, and kind of musky. I have no idea what any of these scents are actually made of, and I seem to have a very limited amount of adjectives by which to define these perfumes from. I liked this smell, but not enough to actually get the fullsize of it, so I just have the rollarball.

This is a vanilla scented roller ball. I got it for free in a box, or I guess whatever the cost of the box was. I don't love the smell of vanilla, and that is basically all this is, but in the summer, on the beach, I sometimes think it goes well.


I got this roller ball in a pack of three for Black Friday, a good time in this household for perfume, it is rather strong, but in a good way. It smells like fruity, and a bit deep. Let's be honest, I have no idea, but I like it, and it was a great deal. The only downside is there isn't much in the bottle, but it is a good size to test out the product.

The same thing can be said about this one, with regards to the size. I gave away the third roller ball, but these two I retained. This one smells flowery and soapy. Cute bottles for the mini size, which make sense since I like the fullsize bottles of these. I like both these scents, but I don't really like either enough to get the fullsize.

I got this in a 100 point perk from Sephora. I like it, it's like a deep scent. I know a lot of people were talking about this on Youtube a while ago, so I am sure you have heard better descriptions of it than I am able to do. I think this was a great 100 point perk.

So good, in fact, I figured I would spend 100 more points to get the white one too. I think this one smells clean and sweet, and a tad soapy? I am not sure what smells soapy to me in both this and the Nest perfume, but they are likely the same thing in both - probably. While I like the black one better, the white one is pretty good, and they do smell good mixed together, although between the three different variants I would prefer the black alone.

So there we have it, my entire perfume collections! I think we learned a couple of things, I cannot describe perfume at all, and a lot of my perfumes were given to me or somehow came to me, which is kinda of odd. I am someone who likes to use one thing up fully before getting a new one, in the perfume dept because that is clearly not true other makeup places in my life! So, I probably will be working on these for a while, although I may add in the orange one in my collection at the end of the year - only time will tell! XD! Hope you enjoyed :)