Thursday, June 23, 2016

The intimidating book tag!

Hello world! I was tagged to do this by my glittery obsession in this video : , which is great because I think this may be my favorite book tag to watch!

1. A book you've been unable to finish
 A book I started, then put back on the shelf because I never seemed to progressed in it, would be The 19th Wife. I am not sure there was anything particularly wrong with this book; I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't want to read it anymore, even though I got over half way. 

2. A book you haven't read because you just haven't had the time
Well, that could be a lot of books, but I will go with Count of Monte Cristo. I want to read this one, and I have started it, but I haven't got further than about 20 pages. It is a bit of a monster of a book at over 1000 pages.

3. A book you haven't read because it's a sequel
Ruins, which is a sequel to Fragments that also has not been read, yet I own them both! Actually I own the whole trilogy, which is risky if I do not like the first book!

4. A book you haven't read because it's brand new
The Lie Tree. I got it in the mail yesterday, and I am in the middle of Pride and Prejudice, and I have to read Romeo and Juliette for Wednesday because I am seeing a play of it, so I don't really have reading time for the Lie Tree just yet!

5. A book you haven't read because you read a book by the same author and didn't enjoy it
This is going to be a bit of a cheat answer because I cannot think of anything I own, but I would say Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. Rainbow Rowell is a hit or miss author for me --sorry if you love her!-- sometimes I love her books, and sometimes I think the pacing is off for me. Because I find her books hit or miss, I returned the copy of Carry On I purchased, and kind of put it to the back of the list of things I want to read.

6. A book you haven't because you're just not in the mood for it
Stephen King. I got a few of his books to try out his horror genre. I got the Shining, the Night Shift, and Four Past Midnight, but I haven't really felt like trying out horror, so I will have to come back to those books when I do decide to scare myself.

7. A book you haven't read because it's humongous
Gone with the Wind is pretty huge, followed by the non-official sequel Scarlett, which is pretty big in its own right. Overall, that's probably about 2000 pages worth of reading. Even just Gone With the Wind is over 1000. It's a lot!
8. A book you haven't read because because it was a cover buy that turned out to have poor reviews
 Glow. It was really cheap at chapters, and it sounded interesting- like Across the Universe, whether or not that was by design I am not sure. I looked it up after and the reviews are okay. To be honest, I think this book's sin is more that it is part of a series, and I didn't know that when I bought it!

9. What is the most intimidating book in your TBR pile?
Uhm, I guess just any of the really big books, or the philosophy books! Like Time and Being by Heidegger, or War and Peace; although, I am planning to read War and Peace very soon, but we will see if that actually amounts to anything!

10. Who do you tag?
Nobody! Yay! 

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