Friday, July 15, 2016

Palette questions from Reddit.

On the subreddit, muacjdiscussion, someone asked questions about the palettes people have. I decided to answer those questions here!

What was your first (or first few) palettes? Do you still use them?
My first few palettes were the Naked 2, the Glinda Palette, and the Ariel palette. The second two were gifts from my awesome SO, who apparently started me down this path! I use the Naked2 once in a while; I love it for its cooler colours. I don't use the other two as often, but I really like them. I love the Glinda palette, and I have used it for a colour in a  quick-easy daytime look. The Ariel palette I don't use as often most likely because it has a lot of lighter greens, and I can find those a bit harder to make I look I love with them, but I really do love that palette. Also, I have the Ariel mirror, which I use pretty regularly <3! 

What are your most recent palette purchases?
The last palette I received as a surprise present from my SO and it was the Peach Palette that is currently (maybe forever) not available in Canada (although, you can buy it from Too Faced website, if you are into that kind of thing). The last palette I bought myself was the Gwen Blush palette from Urban Decay, or if we are only looking at eye palettes, then the Tarte Tartlette Tease palette. 

Which palettes do you use most often?
 I use the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette the most.

Which are your favorites?
  I actually, honestly love most of my palettes.

Are your favorites the ones you use the most, or not?
Yes, I guess

Have you partially or completely panned a palette? Which one(s)? Would you repurchase? How long did it take?
 No. Not even a little bit. The closest I have are two dips in the Chocolate Bar palette.

Have you ever depotted singles or a palette? Do you have a Z Palette or something similar? Do you use it more or less often now?
 Yes, I have depotted singles because I never reached for them. Yes, I depotted them into a Z palette. Honestly, not really. I took my Z palette traveling, so I used the colour more than I would have otherwise, but I am far more likely to reach for a palette, which is probably why I have about 6 single eyeshadows.

Have you destashed any palettes? Why or why not?
Yes, I destashed like 8. They were all inferior quality to the other palettes I had, so I just wasn't using them. The exception to that was the BH comestic Galaxy palette, I didn't think the quality was poor (not that I used it long enough to tell), but I found EVERY look I did looked messy and muddy.

Are you a collector or do you prefer a carefully curated collection?
Somewhere in the middle. I prefer only things I love, so I guess it is curated in that way, I need to be super excited to have it, so I am not picking up any of the new, hyped palettes because I just don't want them enough, but on the other hand I have like 20 proper palettes, so I clearly love a lot, and I am a collector in the amount I have!

What attracts you to a new palette? What turns you off? Is there a dealbreaker for you when considering purchasing a new one?
 I am attracted to colours I don't have; however, I have a certain love for golds and coppers. I love deep blues and forest greens, but I am less likely to actually use those colours.

What kinds of packaging do you like or dislike in a palette?
I don't like plastic in my palettes, like ones that have the colour names on them, but luckily I do not do youtube or anything where I need to know colour names, so into the trash it goes! I like metal casing that have a magnet because I think they feel safer. I hate Marc Jacob's click-close palettes because they feel flimsy; not to mention one of those closure broke on me. I don't care if they are big and bulky, but I have heard that as an issue others have mentioned. 

Are you loyal to any certain brand?
Not really. My favorites of my moment are Bite and Nars, but I wouldn't consider myself loyal. I will use stuff from lots of different lines, but I like a lot of the stuff they put out. 

Is there a brand or palette you haven't tried but want to?
I like the look of the Lorac Mega Pro; however, I have a few reservations. First, I find that my Lorac palette is too soft, and I lose eyeshadow and it falls and floats about everywhere; therefore, I don't find it easy to use. Also, it is just not easy to get in Canada. I want to try the KVD Shade and Light palette too, but I think that one is more of a "I am going to ask for it for my birthday, so I haven't got around to it" kind of thing.

Are there any palettes you regret purchasing?
Not particularly. I am not sure if my Marc Jacobs Holiday palette was worth the 100$ or whatever crazy amount it was, but I love using it, so it is hard to "regret" it.

How about any that you missed out on?
I missed out on the peanut butter and Jelly palette, but once again it is because it didn't come to Canada easily, so I am just not going to get it. I suppose if I go down to the states that I might pick it up, but as of now I have missed it. That goes for the Vegas Nay palette too. Honestly, if they do not come up North, then I probably won't buy them. 

How many palettes do you have? Which ones?
Like 20. Pretty much all the Nakeds (except Naked Smokey and Naked on the Run), all the Chocolate Bar and the Peach palettes. The Tartelette 1 palette, KVD Holiday from last year. Two Marc Jacobs 202 and Holiday, Vice 2-4, Lorac Pro Palette 1, MUFE artist eyeshadow palette 1, then some smaller ones - Naked Basics 1 &2, Tarlette Tease , etc.

Which ones are you thinking of getting?
There are three that I would like to have Too Faced Neutral eye (even though I have a lot of neutrals), KVD Shade and Light palette, and Bare Minerals Happy Place. Although, in actuality, I am not really planning on buying any of these any time soon. I may pick up the Happy Place during VIB sale. It does usually fall on my birthday, after all.

Have you ever returned a palette?
Yes, a couple: a Anastasia palette and a Sephora palette. I forget their names and everything about them.

Have you repressed a palette? How did it go?
No, I haven't.

If you have X pallete, you don't need Y? Example: if you have LC Venus, you may not need ABH Modern Renaissance because they're dupes (discaimer: I'm not saying they are, I don't have Venus)
I have no idea. 

Are any holy grail status?
Not really. I mean, I love the Chocolate Bar original palette, but I could probably do the same looks with another palette.

Would you buy a backup of any of your palettes?
No. I have a lot, so I don't need more of the same.

Do you own any custom palettes (MUG, Mac, Buxom, etc)?

Which do you suggest to other people? For what reasons?
 I would suggest checking out the Naked Basic for an easy everyday look. Maybe the Naked 1 or 2, if they wanted to do something more eye-catching.

How do you feel about the brushes included in your palettes?
All the ones I have used, usaully out of the Vices' and Nakeds', are decent. I have no qualms using them. 

Have you ever bought a palette off of Makeup Exchange?
No, but I have considered it, but with American shipping and exchange it doesn't turn out to be much of a deal.

Do you have a funny story involving a palette or palettes?
Not really. I really don't have any stories relating to palettes at all.

What would your ideal palette be?
I don't know. Something that blends easily, doesn't kick up product, doesn't have any fall-out, has pigmentation, but is never muddy, and doesn't wear off on my eyelids.

Do you have a brand you don't buy eyeshadow from? Why?
Not as such. I am willing to try different brands, but I am pretty happy with what I know and love, so I am really unlikely to pick up something unheard.

Do you have any LE palettes? Which ones?
 Mhm, a few Holidays or other such palettes as listed previously.

Anything else?
Nope :)